I'm not entirely sure this counts as a "written" work, but since my CYOA has gone to such lengths to reference the going-ons of the stories described below, I feel it would be right to share them with all of you. Though, I can't promise there won't still be a bevvy of in-jokes and plots that fly over everyone's heads. This is just here for summation reasons.

(Note: this does not contain information on the going-ons of Qysteria, nor does it mention the in-progress "fourth story" that ties the history of the two together. I might write up a summary of that latter one...whenever I finish thinking it up, I guess. It also doesn't mention "Gaia of Mana", a mid-story set during the events of Advent of Mana, nor "Judgement of Mana", a prequel to Cycle of Mana that connected it to Advent of Mana more closely, as those are considerably more "filler" than the other stories. Plus finding a way to explain how that first midquel occuered would be an an ordeal in and of itself...)

(Before we begin, anything Naoya said is inserted in italics, and things put in brackets are little blurbs from afterwards I just felt to include for your convenience. Just so we clear that up first.)

Well, something you guys may not be aware of, was that I recently told to my friend, Naoya, the great and expansive story of Sable, Cyan, and all those other characters I keep spewing about, in a neat (read: Super-confusing) and orderly (read: hole-ridden) manner. I present this document of a conversation between me and Naoya (a Forum-goer on Untamed Heart) illustrating the full-on (or as much as I could remember) details of this long Epic taking three whole days to explain. And yes, I glossed over the filler. Be thankful for that, there were a LOT of filler moments...

WARNING: The following story has huge traces of possible plagiaristic tendencies, as well as just generally being rather confusing overall. This is due to being a rather self-told story, and for ease of remembering by being related to terms I could relate to. That, and...it may have started out as a tribute of sorts to all the RPGs I loved to play, all meshed into a story I thought I would enjoy. I dunno, I'll just shut up with the explanations and...well, show you just a bit of the mechanics behind my crazy thought-process.

NOTICE: This story was being re-told by my characters, for the most part. So, you know, just...putting that out there.

ADDENDUM: I might have...skimped on a few key details about when telling the first story. Like the placement of the continents of Mysidia, or...that Horus and Cid had a common dragonian ancestry. Well, just saying that now.

Spoiler: Recurrance of Mana 

Spoiler: Advent of Mana 

Spoiler: Cycle of Mana