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Thread: Create your own Palutena's Guidance Conversation

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    Create your own Palutena's Guidance Conversation

    See here:'s_Guidance

    It can be of any character, include those outside of Smash Bros.

    Let me start.

    Here is one I always wanted to write. It involves Pit facing off Max from Dark Cloud 2/Dark Chronicle.

    Pit: Hey! This guy has the same voice as me!
    Palutena: He is Maximillian of Palm Brinks, a 13-year-old boy genius. Oh, and his voice is actually very much the same as your dark counterpart.
    Pit: So, is Max really my dark counterpart in disguise?
    Palutena: *chuckles* No. It is just a coincidence.
    Viridi: He wears that Atlamillia of the Earth as his pendant. I heard that it allows him and his allies to travel forward in time by a century.
    Pit: I sure wish I had that Atlamillia. I always wanted to know what the future would be like.
    Palutena: Regardless, use your orbitars to deflect his Ridepod attacks and his bullet shots, while you shoot him down with your bow before he attacks you with his hammer.
    Pit: Got it! After this battle, I betcha that we would be great friends with each other.
    Viridi: Make sure you have Potato Pies. He just loves them.

    Note that Dark Pit and Max are actually voiced by different people, though they sound very much the same to me.
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    Re: Create your own Palutena's Guidance Conversation

    So, a while back I started working on a Paper Mario moveset for the Make Your Move thread, and decided to include a Palutena's Guidance. I have a tendency to rethink things a lot, so here's a couple of drafts:

    DRAFT 1

    Viridi: Looks like Mario lost some weight.
    Palutena: That's Paper Mario. He's from a world where everything and everyone is made out of paper.
    Pit: So I should try not to get a paper cut, then.
    Palutena: Don't think it'll be that easy. That hammer of his hits stronger than a piece of paper usually would.
    Palutena: He also has a small army of allies from his many adventures to help him out.
    Pit: I thought they weren't doing the team-up thing.
    Viridi: Says the angel getting advice from his Goddess.
    Pit: That's different.
    DRAFT 2

    Pit: Why is Mario trying to copy Mr. Game & Watch?
    Palutena: That's Paper Mario. He comes from a world entirely made of paper and dioramas.
    Viridi: A whole world made of paper and they still have Fire Flowers. *sigh*
    Pit: So he's trying to copy regular Mario, then. And he's copying Doctor Mario by doing that.
    Palutena: Not really. His fighting style is completely different from his 3D counterparts. He's got a powerful hammer at his disposal. Even though it looks lightweight, it can still pack a punch.
    Pit: Like the Ice Climbers, right? …I wonder where those two went.
    Palutena: He also has a small army of partners who can aid him in battle.
    Pit: So, Olimar? Is this guy just copying everybody? What's next, is he gonna sprout wings and fly before putting on a suit of powered armor and driving off at mach six to go to a boxing match?
    Palutena: Oh Pit…

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    Re: Create your own Palutena's Guidance Conversation

    I don't know WHY, but the thought of Banetee as a Pokémon gen III rep really appeals to me. May as well give the creepy toy a guidance...

    Pit: Uh... Palutena... What's that? The... Doll... Thing...?
    Pal.: That would be Banette, the Marionette Pokémon.
    Pit: Really? So it's like a puppet? Well then why's it all... Creepy?
    Pal.: Banette was once a popular toy where it came from, but it was a passing fad and at one point everyone threw out the toy. Possessed by hatred it seeks the child that disowned it. This one somehow wandered into Smash Bros.
    Pit: That's... Nice. But what does it do?
    Pal.: Well, the hatred welled up inside it gives it enormous strength in its Curse Attack, where after concentrating the force for a while it will become able to unleash a frightening move that will leave a mark on not just your body, but your soul as well...
    Pit: Ulp... Really?
    Pal.: Indeed. It sounds even scarier when said out loud. But stay strong! If you manage to dodge this move it will be vulnerable and hurt from expending so much energy. Use this chance to strike!
    Pit: Consider it done! But... Uh... what if I don't dodge it?
    Pal.: You can't ask me everything Pit. I just say try your best, I wouldn't suggest experiencing such things first hand.
    Pit: Uh...

    So yeah. Rough draft. May edit later.
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    Re: Create your own Palutena's Guidance Conversation

    I wanted to contribute but had no good ideas, so I just decided to do Classic Sonic. Why not?
    Also, sorry about this being rather bad. I'm not good at these things but I'm bored :D

    Pit: Hey, has Sonic gained some weight from when I saw him last?
    Palutena: Not quite. This is Classic Sonic.
    Viridi: Yeah, all that's really different is that he's shorter and fatter.
    Palutena: And due to his short figure and his heavier weight, his attacks don't reach far and he doesn't move as fast.
    Viridi: While this does make him sound like a pathetic opponent, his attacks themselves are no joke.
    Pit: I have a itching feeling I can remember him from somewhere.
    Palutena: Watch out for his spindash attack, Pit!
    Pit: I'm fine, I've got my Orbitars and Bow to stop it!
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    Re: Create your own Palutena's Guidance Conversation

    Giving this a shot.

    Pit: Who's this guy, Lady Palutena?
    Palutena: That's Ephraim, crown prince of Renais and a skilled lancer.
    Viridi: A lancer, huh? Don't see that every day. Most of these fighters bring a sword or a gun, or are good enough unarmed.
    Palutena: He is unique in that respect. It doesn't mean that he's a pushover, though.
    Pit: Well, it's not like I would expect him to be. He seems pretty well armed, and he does look like he has the skill to win a few fights.
    Viridi: Right. And that Regenlief of his is nothing to shake a stick at unless you like your shield broken to bits.
    Palutena: He'll keep his distance, trying to attack at midrange, much like Marth, but the similarities stop there. With his high potential to send you reeling offstage with a simple thrust and a relatively long-ranged melee weapon, it'll be best to just try and close the distance when he's getting back into position for his next attack and preform a quick blow. Luckily for you he's not too hard to send flying himself.
    Viridi: But this'll be a tough match. He never picks a fight he knows he can't win, so keep your guard up and don't just use your Upperdash Arm to get around his slower strikes.
    Pit: In other words: keep shooting and when he's close deal the final blow.
    Viridi: Eh, pretty much.
    Pit: That's...a big key.
    Palutena: That's not just a key--meet Sora, the young and lighthearted Keyblade wielder.
    Pit: A Keyblade?
    Palutena: Yes. The Keyblades were formerly used to destroy the light by followers of darkness, but after this lead to mass catastrophe, the guardians of light decided to use these strange weapons for their own cause. As for who gets one, you'd either have to show a strong sense of light, darkness, or heart, with the last two being especially rare.
    Pit: That sounds like it warrants a history lesson of some sort, but I kinda need some tips on how to not be killed by the thing I try to serve.
    Palutena: Sora is a self-taught Keyblade wielder, so you might not expect much. However, he's also a skilled magician who can utilize projectiles at mid-to-long-range distances. Not only that, but he's quick to strike at close range, meaning you'll have to catch him off guard. His projectile attacks are a different story, though, so reflect those with your Guardian Orbitars then go in for the kill while he's distracted with his own attack.
    Pit: Alright then, time to put this fight on lockdown!

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    Re: Create your own Palutena's Guidance Conversation

    Back before this was an actual thing, I saw a thread for this on TvTropes. I actually decided to run with this and actually came up with some ideas for Smash Run enemies, weird as it may sound...

    For the Nutskis...
    Pit: Oh, those are Nutskis, right?
    Palutena: Yup, they're a part of Viridi's army, the Forces of Nature. They're kind of like foot soldiers, like the Underworld Army's Monoeyes.
    Pit: I hope Viridi isn't sore that we're fighting her minions here.
    Viridi: Well, those particular Nutskis aren't mine.
    Pit: Huh?
    Virid: They're just fakes, so I guess it's fine if you attack them... Still, the resemblance is pretty uncanny.
    Palutena: They did a pretty good job at replicating pretty much all the Forces of Nature, and the Underworld Army!
    Pit: Wait, who's "they?"
    Palutena: Beats me, but there has to be SOMEONE that made them, right?
    Viridi: Maybe Master Hand?
    Palutena: Maybe.
    Pit: Maybe we can ask him next time we play Classic Mode...
    For the Lurchthorn...
    Pit: Oh, hey, it's one of those fishbone things!
    Viridi: "Fishbone things?" Really, Pit?
    Pit: Yeah, the, uhhh... You know the one... Err... Thorn-somethings...
    Viridi: LURCHTHORNS! They're called Lurchthorns!
    Pit: Right! That's the name!
    Viridi: How could you have forgotten a name like that?
    Pit: Hey, in my defense, you never told me that one! I only know that name because of the idol I got of it!
    Viridi: What, so I never told you?
    Pit: Yeah!
    Viridi: Don't just call it a "fishbone thing," though...
    Pit: Uhhh... Well, if I destroy the parts of it, they'll shoot less projectiles, right?
    Viridi: Oh, so you remember how to destroy them, huh? Real nice.
    Pit: Wait, I'm at fault for that...?
    For the Souflee...
    Pit: Lady Palutena, a Souflee!
    Palutena: Don't just stand there, go destroy it! It'll drop lots of pickups if you do!
    Pit: Souflee, you're gonna get served!
    Palutena: That's the spirit, Pit!
    Hmm... How about... The Darknut?
    Pit: Whoa, I remember these guys...!
    Palutena: You mean the Darknuts? Their heavy armor caused quite a lot of strife in the original Legend of Zelda.
    Pit: Aww, my attacks from the front are useless here, too?
    Palutena: It's a shame you can't just throw bombs at them. You're going to have to find out how to get behind them and attack from there.
    And to make it an even five, I'll do the Chain Chomps.
    Pit: MAD DOG! MAD DOG!
    Viridi: Pit, that's obviously a Chain Chomp.
    Pit: I know, but they're a lot like dogs, you know!
    Palutena: Yes, but like dogs, they're on a leash. If you choose to run away, they won't follow you.
    Pit: Yeah, but suppose I want to defeat it.
    Palutena: That's going to be impossible. Its body is made of some kind of indestructable, metal-like substance.
    Pit: So what do I do?
    Palutena: Hmm... Maybe you can destroy the stake tethering it to the ground.
    Pit: Wouldn't that be a BAD idea?
    Palutena: Well, you'd think so, but when free, Chain Chomps tend to be pretty thankful to whoever thanked them. It might drop items for you!
    Viridi: If only we could leash you up, huh, Pit?
    Pit: Was that really necessary...?
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