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Thread: A Fiend In Need

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    Re: A Fiend In Need

    Ryans stood up, looking down at his clothes. Several of the smaller fragments of glass had left some cuts in the fabric. With a sigh, he said woefully, "This was one of my favorite suits, too..." He looked at the newcomer, the enemy. The man was flashy and theatrical, but was obviously a threat. Of course, being a man of his build, fighting head-on wasn't the best strategy. There were other tactics to employ for this type of fight. He gave a quick glance around the room, looking for a possible exit. Seeing the closed door to the hallway they had originally entered, he decided to put his plan into action.

    He raised his hand toward the door, and a small sphere appeared by the door. The sphere appeared to be a round mirror, reflecting the surrounding area in a distorted manner. As soon as the sphere appeared, the door was swung open forcefully. With a wave of the hand, the sphere disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. He shuffled over to where Snapdragon and Konstantin and said, "Ms. Yamaguchi, I recommend we leave this area, it's rather dangerous after all."

    Ryans then looked at Konstantin and continued in a dry voice, a wry smile on his face, "And I would ask that you come with us, the more the merrier, after all."

    He snapped his fingers again and a second, larger, sphere appeared in the hallway. As it materialized, the three felt themselves being pulled towards it with surprising strength. Ryans, expecting the tug, managed to remain on his feet as he slid quickly over to where the sphere was. Of course, Snapdragon would be sliding on her rear end as she was dragged by the gravitational pull of the sphere. As soon as the group* was through the door, the sphere in the hall disappeared, and the shutting of the door could be heard from where they came.

    "Now then, Ms. Yamaguchi, where would be a good place for you to hide?"

    Ryans now was standing straight, without the aid of his cane. Surrounding his arms and legs were several of the small spheres, their gravitational forces working on his body to keep him in a standing position.

    ((*Konstantin is, by no means, forced to come into the hallway and Ryans and Snapdragon.))

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    Re: A Fiend In Need

    Ryuuko had barely finished getting her card and key, before the man crashed through the window, causing her to instinctively reach out for her sword - but she managed to stop herself before pulling it out, not only because Snapdragon seemed to be acquainted with him, but also because this was neither the time nor the place to use it yet.

    Regardless, the man turned out to be an enemy after all, which baffled Ryuuko. 'Already? By the gods, these people do not waste any time, do they...' Seeing as the elder man and scary dude were already taking care of Snapdragon's wound, she merely got up and stood in her unarmed fighting stance. She could probably knock the man out easily by herself, but that glass barrier would be bothersome to deal with.

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