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Thread: What Will Mewtwo Bring?

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    What Will Mewtwo Bring?

    As we know, Mewtwo is coming as dlc. However, as we also know, Sakurai loves to pack content into his games, so there is a good chance this will carry over.

    So in addition to Mewtwo, what do you think we can expect in addition to him when we download him?

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    Re: What Will Mewtwo Bring?

    A final smash, a classic mode trophy, and an all-star trophy.
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    Re: What Will Mewtwo Bring?

    A weird looking 3DS CSS

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    Re: What Will Mewtwo Bring?

    Mewtwo clothing sets for the Miis, some equipment that increases melee and projectile power, and maybe an extra music track?

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    Re: What Will Mewtwo Bring?

    Hopefully a completely redone moveset

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    Re: What Will Mewtwo Bring?

    A trailer maybe? (Unlikely since he isn't new, but it would make for a grand return!)
    I am curious what his custom moves will be...
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    Re: What Will Mewtwo Bring?

    I want a revamped side-B and down-B, and NOT HAVE HIS FINAL SMASH BE MEGA EVOLUTION PLEASE. Make it Psystrike or something COOL and just have one of his alts be Mega Mewtwo. Like in project M. Maybe change his side-B to Psychic, with the same projectile-countering properties but with more range and the ability to KO at... I dunno, 250%? Maybe changing Disable to have more range. (Range is starting to be a theme) And for customs... maybe neutral-B could change to Psyshock, moving slower and shorter but doing much more % damage than normal. And Telly-port could change to... uhh... um... *checks internet* Psycho Cut, behaving more like Elwind. Also, may I point out that Mootoo can learn Aura Sphere and Lucario can learn Psychic?
    New custom for Mewtwo: Aura Sphere.
    New custom for Lucario: Psy-kick. That's just weird.
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    Re: What Will Mewtwo Bring?

    Quote Originally Posted by Keeby View Post
    A weirder looking 3DS CSS
    Fixed that for you.

    Anyway, I'm expecting him to be a floaty heavyweight (kinda like Samus). That makes the "holding himself up psychically" thing make more sense.
    And maybe he'll get some voice clips as well, like in Japanese Melee.
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    Re: What Will Mewtwo Bring?

    I start to wonder what the odds are of him getting translated voice clips in the PAL version. Back in Melee, it used the same sound effects as in the US version, but if it get voice clips, translations of these are super-likely, since any Mon that uses Pokémon Speak (or can actually talk in Lucario's case) got translations when necessary.
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