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Thread: 'Fetch Me a Ghost' A Halloween story staring Kirby and Friends!

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    'Fetch Me a Ghost' A Halloween story staring Kirby and Friends!

    (- Okay so I'm going to try and make this a very cute story but if it gets violent or dark that's just my normal writing style-- let's just start -)

    Part 1: Eh?! The King's not Invited?
    Once there was a quiet place called Dreamland, home to the star warrior Kirby. Kirby lived in a small round house next to a tall tree, and Kirby had a lot of friends in the Pupupu village. The village is usualy peacful whilst mothers chattered in the streets and children played out in the fields, but when ever a big event happens, the village is restless and full of excitement! For instance, it was Halloween in the Pupupu village, and Fumu, one of Kirby's friends, decided to throw a Halloween party with her younger brother Bun in King Dedede's castle. King Dedede was a mean penguin-like guy and used to order Demon Beasts from Holy Nightmare Enterprises, which was destroyed by Kirby two years ago. Since then Dedede had to put up with Kirby's anticts and it drove him nuts. His right hand snail, Escargon, had to put up with Dedede and it drove him twice as nuts.
    'Bun? Have you put up the decorations in the hallways?' Asked Fumu as she scribbled down a list of food she'd need to buy for the party.
    'Aww but sis, there's so many hallways in this place! I can't do it on my own!'
    'Then get Kirby to help you. It shouldn't take you long.'
    Bun huffed as he took a box of decorations off the sofa and called to Kirby, who was eating sweets out of a bowl.
    'Hey! Kirby! Stop eating those they're for the party! Now help me put these up!' Kirby blinked at Bun for a moment before leaping down from the table and following him out to the halls.

    A small camera lense zoomed in on Kirby leaving the room as a tiny insect like robot sat in the corner of the room.
    'What are the up to this time? Why are they decorating my castle?!' Boomed the blue penguin as he looked down at a screen in his hands
    'I think it's because Halloween, your majest--OW!' Escargon started before being thumped on the head.
    'Be quiet! Listen!'

    Fumu put down her pencil and looked at her list.
    'This list is too long... Do we really need all this food?'
    Bun called out from outside the room;
    'Yes! We do!' Followed by a happy 'Poyo!' From Kirby.
    Fumu sighed,
    'Fine, but you'll be helping me carry it back here! I'm done with this list now so let me help you put up these decorations.' Fumu got up from her chair and brought another box to Bun and Kirby. By lunchtime most of the halls were decorated with orange and black banners and boing bats that hung from the ceiling thanks to Kirby being ablento float up to the higher areas.
    'You two carry on, I'll go get some lunch' Fumu smiled as she pinned a orange 'Happy Halloween!!' Banner to the wall.
    'Alright, sis!'

    Fumu walked past the throne room on her way to the kitchen when she over heard King Dedede.
    'What gives them the right to hold a party in MY castle without MY permision?!'
    'Well, sire, they do live here-- OW!!' Poor Escargon rubbed his head as Dedede moved his fist away from it.
    'Well am I invited?' Dedede turned to the snail and scowled.
    'Ah--uhm... no.--!!' Escargon flinched, excpecting to get bashed on the head again, but to his suprise, Dedede just looked across the room, angrily muttering to himself.
    '...Get Meta Knight in here! And quickly!'
    A Waddledee which guarded the door ran out of tge room to get him, with a comicly scared look on his face, as if he urgently needed to be somewhere.

    'Why would he want to talk to Meta Knight?' Fumu pondered as she continued listening in.

    Meta Knight entered the throne room through one of the smaller entrances.
    'You called for me?' He asked, bowing slightly.
    'Yeah, you can sense ghosts, right?'
    Fumu blinked, this was news to her.
    'Well-- I wouldn't say it like that personaly but, yes, your majesty.'
    'I want you to find the angriest ghost you can and bring it here for Fumu's Halloween party! I want to scare ever single person out of this castle!!' The King laughed. Fumu stepped back a bit in shock, why would he do such a thing?
    'What?! Your majesty-- it's not as simple as 'taking a ghost' to somewhere else--'
    'Are you my loyal servent or not?!'
    'No buts! You will find a ghost for me!' Dedede pointed towards the main doors to the throne room, signaling that Meta Knight could leave. The masked knight promptly left, Fumu hid untill the doors were closed and then shouted,
    'Meta Knight!!'
    '!!' Meta Knight flinched at the sudden noise and turned slowly towards the girl, as of he was about to be told off by his mother.
    'Don't tell me you're actualy going to--'
    'I can't.' Meta Knight quickly inturupted.
    'If a spirit hasn't passed over to the afterlife it is bound to it's location untill they do, I litteraly can not take a ghost to the castle...'
    Fumu sighed and crossed her arms over her chest.
    'Why do you still work for that guy anyways? Nightmare is gone--'
    'Are you sure about that?'
    'Nightmare will always exist if there is fear.'
    'Don't tell me you're staying here just incase he comes back.'
    Meta Knigh nodded before turning away from Fumu.
    'Isn't it lunch time?'
    'Huh?-- Damn! I was supposed to be getting lumch for Kirby and Bun! I gotta dash! You better explain everything afterwards, though!' She yelled over her shoulder as she ran down the hall.

    (- So yeah count this as part 1 or something I didn't think ot was gonna be this long >~> and it's quite late at night so I'll leave it here and write a bit more later. Hope you enjoyed it so far and I'm sorry if there's any typos or grammar problems I'll fix them when I spot them -)

    Part 2: The Masked Knight's Plan!

    After lunch the last of the decorations were put up and Fumu, Bun and Kirby returned to the room where Fumu's family would eat meals and watch television.
    'Right, now we need to go buy the food. Bun, Kirby, go grab some bags, they should be in the cuboard--'
    'Why do we have plastic bags in the cuboard, sis?'
    'Well if we resue the bags we get with our shopping, it'll reduce the amount of litter in our area.'
    'Right, right, c'mon Kirby..' Kirby and Bun ruffled through one of the cuboard drawers before pulling out a bag of neatly folded plastic bags, sone of them were a bit stretched and worn from previous uses but they were still intact.
    The three set off to buy snacks and sweets for the party, and as they left the castle, a small robotic cricket hopled after them, a tiny camera lense zooming in on them.

    'Now they're out buying food!! And I'm still not invited?!' Dedede boomed as he held the screen display tight in his hands.
    'Well maybe if you weren't so mean to them, they would let you come to their party--oWOWOW!!' Escargoon rubed his throbing head, looking up at the king on his throne.
    'And I still don't see that ghost Meta Knight was supposed to get me. Go tell him thatt if he doesn't fetch me something spooky for tonight I'll convisgate his mask!... or something threatening...'
    Escargoon nodded quickly, knowing that if he should talk back he's get another lump on his head, and quickly ran off to locate Meta Knight.

    Sword, Blade and Meta Knight sat outside the castle, looking over the village.
    'Does he know you can't bring him a ghost?' Blade asked as Meta Knight sighed.
    'I did tell him that but the stubborn king won't take it as an answer. How did he even know that I could sence spirits anyway?'
    'Well we have been here a long time, maybe he picked something up?' Sword suggested.
    'Maybe... Maybe Fumu could help.'
    'What??' Sword and Blade yelped in unison, 'Why Fumu?'
    'She's a smart girl, and as she is the one hosting the party we could work with her... Remember when Escargoon bargined with the children so they'd scare Dedede? And that in the end one if Nightmare's Demon Beasts made it's way in to collect the unpaid bill he had?' Meta Knight laughed, that whole night was just one shenanigan after another.
    'Do you think we could do something similar?' Sword turned to Blade.
    'But wouldn't that be one of the first things the king would suspect if he realises it's not an actual ghost?' Blade pointed out.
    '...I have an idea,' Meta Knight said after a short silence of thought, 'They'll be returning from the village shortly so we can discuss it with them in a bit.'
    The three knights started planning how they'd go about fufilling the king's orders.

    (- yeah part two whoo! I'm just kimd of adding on from this one post untill there is need for a new post rather than just spamming the thread. Hope you enjoyed -)

    Part 3: Something's up...

    'Meta Knight! Oh there you are!' A very out of breath snail panted as he aproached the knight.
    'Escargon? Is there something wrong?'
    'The king ordered me to tell you to meet him in his throne room. You better hurry, he seemes furious' the doctor smirked. Meta Knight made haste and rushed to the throne room.
    'META KNIGHT!? WHERE IS THAT GUY??!' Dedede yelled, just before Meta Knight entered the room.
    'You called?'
    'Have you fetched me that ghost?'
    Meta Knight inwardly sighed,
    'I have told his majesty once already, I can bot bring a spirit into the castle... but--'
    'But what?'
    'The cellars, kitchen, dungeons and this very room have been active recently...'
    'What? Ghosts in my throne room? Don't be stupid--'
    'I'd watch your tounge, your highness, someone could get hurt tonight...' and with that, Meta Knight left with a dramatic swoosh of his cape. Dedede was left dumbfoubded, trying to comprehend what he was on about. Ghosts in the castle? What a rediculous gesture!

    Fumu, Bun and Kirby returned from shopping with bags and bags of yummy chocolates, crisps, drinks and sweets for the party. Just before they could get the food to the kitchen, one of the bags split, and it's contents flopped onto the floor. A small box of chocolate balls wrapped in foil spilled across the stone and one or two of them rolled under the kitchen door.
    'Eep! Bun, pick up the bag!' Fumu said as she carefuly stepped over the chocolates and into the kitchen.
    'Ah! Okay!!' He quickly got on his knees to start picking up what had been scattered. Kirby webt after the chocolates that rolled into the kitchen, but as soon as he picked it up, he noticed something strange... it was covered in a red sticky liquid. He looked down to his feet to see a small puddle of the stuff.
    'What is it Kirby-- yuck! Put that in the bin!' Fumu said as she saw what he had in his hand.
    'Hey sis, what is that?' Bun asked, pointing to the pool of red.
    '...Blood?' She knelt down to look at it. It was a sickly colour, not like normal blood, but then she saw an empty tube under a cuboard.
    'Fake blood...'
    'Why would someone want that?' Bun thought aloud as his sister binned the tube.
    'For a costume maybe? I'm not sure... anyway, let's sort out this stuff then, shall we?'

    B]Part 4: Halloween Knights[/B]

    The night of the party arrived, and one by one the guests started to come in. Fumu and Bun talked among their friends as Kirby stared longingly are a carved watermellon on the food table.
    'Say, wouldn't Dedede be up to something? We didn't invite him so I would suppose..' Bun started
    'Don't worry about it. Meta Knight, Sword, and Blade said they'd keep a look out for anything suspicious' Fumu smiled.
    'Poyoo' Kirby whined, still staring at the melon.
    Just then a crash could be heard from below the room, which was directly above the dungeons. It was loud enough to be heard above the musoc which was turned down quickly as everyone stood, hesitant to make a noise.

    'AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!' A worringly familiar voice screamed from the dungeons. Fumu and Bun legged it out of the room, most of the guests following, and even Dedede and Escargon, who had heard the scream, followed them doen to the dungeons.

    Sword and Blade were both in the middle of the room, wounded, barely able to stand up, and limping towards crumpled body in the corner of the room. Pained gasped emited from the body and when Fumu rushed to the two knights, she covered her mouth, starong wide eyed.
    A maskless knight led in the corner, his face covered in age old scars, and his armour soaked in his own blood. A thin metal pole was forced into his chest and his mask lay by his hand. His mouth moved slowly as he breathed as silent as the castle stood. No one dared to talk, not even Fumu, who stood infront of him. Dedede crashed through, pushing Fumu aside before blinking at Meta Knight's scewered body.
    'M...Meta Knight?'
    The knight spat out crimson before gasping,
    'S...Sorry...' a sharp inhale followed. 'I w-a-as patrolling th...the castle wh...when attacked me--'
    'What's 'IT'??' Dedede wimpered, Fumu grapped onto the pole sticking out of Meta Knight's chest, trying to pull it out with tears welling in her eyes,
    'Ngh-- ARGHH!!'
    'AH--! S..Sorry!!' Fumu let go.
    'Th... the P...Pale Hou...nd..' Meta Knight sighed out.
    'S...Sir!!' Sword yelped as Meta Knight spat out more blood. Blade went to wipe the blood from his chin when Meta Knight held up his hand.
    'L...Leave it... Get e...everyone out of tge c...castle... it's not safe...'
    'What about you?!' Fumu quickly cried out, unable to bare seeing Meta Knight like this.
    '...' the unmasked knight managed to pull a weak smile. 'I"m n--ot going it--ngh!!' He stiffened up suddenly, before falling limp.
    'SIR!!' Both sword and bladr grabbed his wrists to check his pulse. They lowered their head and looked to the crowd behind them, shaking their heads.
    'Me...meta Knight's d...dead?' Dedede wimpered.
    'I'm sorry, your highness.' Blade muttered under a wavering sigh, as both the knights felt tears form in their eyes. Kirby and Bun suddey flew into the dungeons, the two catching glimps of the mask on the ground. Fumu picked it up and put it on Meta Knight's face as Sword pulled the metal pole out.
    There was a short silence stood around the scene before everybody was escorded to the party rrom.
    No music playing,
    No eating or drinking,
    Just silence, accepting the reality of the fact the Meta Knight was dead.
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