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Thread: A tribute to Brawl in the family

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    Red face A tribute to Brawl in the family

    I made this video for a tribute to BITF:

    I was only a fan for a few months, but I bought thr books, and will play tadpole treble! Best of wishes matt.
    This was made before comic 600, so I used ode to the minions, which I think fits well.
    Goodebye Brawl In The Family! We'll miss you!

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    Re: A tribute to Brawl in the family

    mine is similar yours is well done this mine

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    Re: A tribute to Brawl in the family

    While we're talking about tributes here's one from Level 30 Psychiatry to BitF.

    Thanks to LightSamus on ONM for the Sig.

    Level 30 Psychiatry: The Comic that takes you into the Psyche of the Video Game stars.

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