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Thread: What's Your Random Superpower?

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    DarkruLegioSquallant Bias Mendicant Bias's Avatar
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    What's Your Random Superpower?

    So, this link will give you a random superpower from the Superpower Wiki.

    What did you guys get? I got Interrogation Intuition. "The user is able to extract information from their opponents through various means, such as Intimidation, scaring them, inflicting pain, or psychically extracting the information." Pretty awesome if you ask me.
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    Was I supposed to put my user title here? Scraggy's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Spatial Constructs.

    "User can turn spatial energies into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need."

    That's pretty useful, since I can basically create anything.
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    I guess having a Tumblr is a thing now.

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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Meta Teleportation.
    "User can teleport anything to any place and any time they desire, including physical locations such as: in a locked room, in space, in heaven, or in hell, as well as metaphysical places such as: inside a dream, inside a heart, inside thoughts, or even inside people."

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    Waddle Dee dullahan1's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got immortality. The power to never age and recover from almost any injury.

    Well, that's awesome. Now I can do everything I've wanted to do with my life. Then suffer inevitable boredom. On the bright side, I could train myself to become some kind of elite soldier, considering I can never get hurt or killed.

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    now jennynuts Jeff Andonuts's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got 'Mental Healing'.
    The user can heal mental illnesses, disorders and other forms of mental trauma, to their healthy state and reverse the effects of mental tampering, such as mind control or memory loss.
    Welp, I'm off to become Earth's most expensive psychiatrist. Seriously, it's a gold mine.

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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Electrokinetic Wing Manifestation.
    The power to form electrical energy into pair of wings. Sub-power of Electrical Constructs, variation of Elemental Wing Manifestation.
    Meh. I guess it could be useful, but it'd take time to learn how to use properly.
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    Druidic Magic.
    The user can utilize the nature-based magical arts of the druids, the Celtic priestly class, that were said to possess great influence over nature.


    Animal Empathy
    Animal Morphing
    Disaster Manipulation
    Disease Generation (if malevolent)
    Ecological Empathy
    Nature Manipulation
    Plant Communication
    Potion Creation
    Weather Manipulation
    Pretty darn fitting.

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    The Bakis are back. In fact, they were always here. Planetbox's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Adaptive Augmentation

    "The user is genetically or cybernetically altered to be able to adapt against anything. The user is now altered to be able to adapt against anything or one by doing almost they need to adapt, they can adapt by evolutizing into someone more suitable for the current condition in order to survive."

    The odd thing is, I saw a movie literally last week where the main villains did exactly that.

    Isn't this the BEST signature you've ever SEEN!

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    This situation calls for science! Aquinas's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Life-Force Transferal.

    "The user can transfer life-force from one being to the next, a method could be to absorb the life-force, than implant it into the targeted being, healing them and even resurrecting them. This may require physical contact, or just being in the same area, just thinking of transferring the life-force. However, this may kill the one the user took it from.

    Once taken, the user can place the absorbed life-force in another. This can heal the receiver and even resurrect them if they died."

    Honestly, this seems like a bit of a bum deal. This is the sort of power that almost certainly requires me to kill, and down that path lies supervillaindom.
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    Omg I got Ability Tier Activation (power to get new sets of abilities through experience)

    "The user can unlock new sets of abilities that are part of the user. Unlocking can happen via training, experience and/or various empowering circumstances. Most users are limited to specific sets related to their nature and function ("class"), while some especially flexible users can learn very different sets. Talented absorbers and replicators notably can gain not only their targets' current abilities, but also their potential evolutions ("ability tree")."

    All I need now is to be a mage and have ALL the levels and I'm good
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    >Auz: Abscond Banjo(Auz)'s Avatar
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    Thursday, Jan 19 2012

    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Aspect Expulsion.

    "The ability to expel aspects of one's identity from one's mind, body, and spiritual essence."

    That's pretty neat, I guess. I can just get rid of my unwanted aspects. [i.e. laziness, shyness, etc.]
    But the downside is that those parts I expel will take their own forms. I'll basically create evil/incomplete versions of myself that might try to harm me.
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    Wow, illusion awareness

    the number 1 function is that magicians now seem boring

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    Laughs at his own jokes--HAHAHAHAohwait OshaliteX2's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Slime Manipulation.

    "Users can create, shape and manipulate ooze, slime, and goo of every consistency or viscosity, whether sticky, slippery, etc."

    I like it, according to the wiki I can also bind, create minions, and surf. Cool, huh?
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got the power Healing Coma.

    " The user can enter a protective state, similar to a coma or Vegetative state, to regenerate and restore any injuries the user may have sustained. The user can't be hurt when in this state and, when they wake up, will be a the peak of their species' health."

    Basically I can go into a coma to not die and heal myself. Coolio.
    And according to the page, Timelord Regeneration is a variation of this. So hot dog, all I need is a sonic screwdriver and I'm set. Though the TARDIS I have access to isn't actually mine... Whatever. Oh yes, and also being able to see the entire timestream.
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    The Owner of the Muffin TARDIS Sugar Janelle Epps's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got... uh... Enslavement Branding.

    "User can manipulate the mind of target by branding the body with a symbol, effectively making the victim a slave to the user's will, binding therm into mindless servitude."

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! *cough cough* I mean... What a silly power, I'd never ever use thaaaaat!
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    Gravure Idol Zelos Wilder's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

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    Wakka-wakka-wakka YamiGekusu's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    Kinda hilarious considering a childhood bout with nasty bronchitis wrecked my breathing hehe
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    Level 23 Zorua's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    Daytime Walking.

    "The power to be a nocturnal creature able to withstand exposure to direct sunlight."

    <deadpan sarcasm> Woohoo. I can't die from sunlight. What an awesome power. Yaaaaay. </deadpan sarcasm> Can I roll again, please?

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    I literally hate figurative literals. itsameluigi1290's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Memory Erasure.

    "The power to erase memories. A sub-power of Memory Manipulation. Opposite to Memory Restoration."

    That's cool. I could use that to my advantage for sure.

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    yeh Coffee's Avatar
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    Thursday, Mar 4 2010

    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?


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    Hello. My name is Gary Stu, and my superpower is the ability to give absolutely zero @#$%s on a potentially pan-galactic level.
    Guess what?

    You're great.

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    Playing the "Chrono Trigger/alot of things" Game Crazyhandfan's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    i got infinite supply
    The ability to have an unlimited amount of anything

    does this mean i can have unlimited powah?

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    Crazy Thing Hydreigon's Avatar
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    Friday, Oct 3 2014
    In your shoe

    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Super Form.
    "The ability to transform into an enhanced state of being where one's innate powers are drastically improved and new abilities are acquired. A variation of Evolution."

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    Local Awesome Dude AwesomeAndo's Avatar
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    Definitely not behind you!

    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got Chlorokinetic Creature Creation.
    "The ability to create beings of plants or shape them to certain shapes. Sub-power of Chlorokinetic Constructs, variation of Organic Entity Creation."
    "User is able to create beings of plants or shape existing plants into wanted shapes and control them. They can also delete the creature once they are done with them."

    Pretty interesting.... I would probably make a bunch of Leafeons and Koroks....

    Here, have an adorable dancing Mawile!

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    Goodbye, have a good life, all of you. RavThunderbird's Avatar
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    You will never know, will you.

    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    Apocalyptic Force Manipulation

    "The power to manipulate and generate the force that will bring an end to the universe. The opposite force of Primordial Force Manipulation and the final form of Destruction."

    "The user is able to control the final force, the one that causes all of existence to end. Apocalyptic force does not mean they need to necessarily destroy, just end a universal cycle making it the representation of end or omega. They can truly tamper with the end power of existence and terminate any universal cycle, creating absolute chaos."

    So, basically I one up all of you.

    Seriously, just by existing you are all screwed. I also have access to nearly every dooms-day power as a means to destroy the universe.

    Hell ya.

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    Benevolent king of Castle Lololo CaymamCruncher's Avatar
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    Re: What's Your Random Superpower?

    I got the ability to extract and retract my nails. Which is funny because I clip mine pretty low.

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