So I really like Fallout: New Vegas, if the 120+ hours I've put into the game don't tell you that already

so much so that my summer project is writing what's basically a novelization of the story, assisted with the gameplay/visuals from my current playthrough

It started off pretty low-key, but I've been really getting into my character's head lately so I've been taking it a little more seriously that I had expected.

If you guys want to read it, I've recently finished the first section of the story and I would like feedback while I write the intermission, which will be based on one of the DLC, Honest Hearts.

This is the Google Drive file that has all of the story so far, edited and fixed.

If you want to keep up on the Ballad's updates as they're made, check out the tumblr. This holds the unedited, raw version of the story, and is generally subpar for binge reading purposes.

quick warning: rough language and violence within. if you're not comfortable with that, don't enter.

If anyone can give me some feedback, I'd be appreciative.