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Thread: in the field

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    in the field

    In the field where the flowers bloom,
    I see a little girl making a crown for her friend
    I hear a bird, a bee, and a little boy laughing
    I feel the sun’s warm embrace holding me close
    I smell the nice family’s picnic
    I see a patchwork quilt falling into place on the ground
    I hear the wind whispering secrets to the trees
    I feel the soft purple flowers between my toes
    I smell the flowers’ pretty perfume
    I see beautiful blond hair swaying in the wind
    I hear a strong deep voice singing poems of love
    I feel his hand fitting perfectly in mine
    I smell his lovely cologne
    I love him...
    I remember those three years of heaven
    It now seems like hell...
    I see the casket, holding a face dear to me
    I hear the church bells, the choir singing
    I feel so cold, without his embrace
    I smell that horrible incense
    I know hes gone...
    But I wish he would have stayed...
    So I could say goodbye.
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    Re: in the field

    Your poetry is beautiful (albeit slightly morbid), but I don't know about "barbecue" in the fifth line. It just seems to throw off the rhythm for me.
    Don't worry!
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    Re: in the field

    It had originally been picnic, but my friend commented that picnics don't usually have a strong smell. She told me to change it, so I did. Im thinking I might change it back.

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