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Thread: Aperture Science Realtime Testing Cubes

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    Re: Aperture Science Realtime Testing Cubes

    "Took you long enough. After that wait what seemed like forever, I think I'm ready for just about anything." Rayne tossed the apple core into the corner with the ashpeedee, then had it picked back up again. You never know when stuff like this might come in handy.
    Oh god. I just realize I made a horrible pun. Apple core. Apple (personality) Core. What have I done?
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    I suppose I might as well put one here, all the cool kids are doing it (not to judge, but so are some not-so-cool kids).

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    Re: Aperture Science Realtime Testing Cubes

    Maxwell was now more worried then confused. "Just what sort crazy of experiments do they run in this facility?" he muttered to himself.

    Although Maxwell had many questions, he decided to continue on and worry about them later.

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