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Thread: Fate/From Dust

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    Fate/From Dust


    It has come to my attention that ReGrail has chosen you as a participant. Therefore, I hereby formally request you join me in Pendleton, England. I have already arranged your journey and payed all travel and lodging expenses; all I require is that you show up. Your participation is instrumental to the success of my research... and of course, 'the prize' awaits you if you happen to win. That is incentive enough to partake in this experiment of mine, is it not?

    Enclosed are the details of your trip. I look forward to our meeting.


    P.S. - I would suggest you find a catalyst.

    Spoiler: Plot 

    Spoiler: Setting 

    Spoiler: Classes 


    - Commodore Jim
    - Lenore
    - Eruedraith
    - MooseFondue
    - Arkay
    - Deathfish
    - flibbyjibbits

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    Re: Fate/From Dust

    fate/YEAH BOY
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    Re: Fate/From Dust

    As a note to people viewing this thread, from what I gather this was worked on for a while and as such people in the know had already signed up, so this thread's purely so it can get approved to go to the Arena.

    That said, this is of the same quality as the last RPs of this kind, and I really like the classes. Since everything and (almost) everyone seems geared up and ready to go, go.

    Approvals: 2/2

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