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    Oh okay. I temporarily freaked out because I'm sort of Terezi, so...
    You should read Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas and change your avatar to the Capricorn Gold Saint!
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    Because she took over my account a while ago and I haven't had the time to change it back, because I've been working on a story with my awesome cowriter. Please answer my question now.
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    ...Why are you Gamzee? *nopes into a corner*
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    Oh my goodness you're back!

    How've you been? How's Mewtwo been? Oh, I have so many questions!

    (And yes, the forums still aren't fixed...which is kinda depressing, I know.)
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    Just lettin' ya know that you've been double posting quite a bit. I'm sure the site actin' up is the reason for that, but it might help to keep in mind that when the site says to wait 30 seconds before posting, chances are the post actually went through. (At least, that's what it's gonna be doing until it gets fixed, I guess.)
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    here hre isa in the game

    oh god that thing was a nightmare too type out
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    OK SO first you gotta beat the elite four 40 times on the 41st time Oak grunts IM GETTING TIRED OF THIS and hands you a bomb you know what to do he says and your character remembers that bill has a garden behind his house that you could never go to SO you tell bill you are going to blow up hhis howse so you can go to the garden but bill says no you fight its like super smash bros on the saffron city stage it was a marvel of the gameboys capasity to play it but your character plays like ness while bill looks like captian falcon and all of his mooves are ONE HIT KOS so you gotta be careful its the only hard part of this trick so you kill oak and he exploads into HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD and then you can blow up his house and go behind into his garden where you find armor that if you give to mewtwo he EVOLVS INTO MEWTHREE ::0000000000000000000000000000000 ITS TRUE I TRIED IT AND IT WORKSE
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    dude why are you mewtwo

    mewthree is where its at my amigo
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    Nice gold and white in your signature!
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    The character I suggested is based on the Lady in Red enemies from Ib. One could be named Alice.
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    *coughVriskakilledAradiaandyoukilledmeinyourCYOAso nowI'mAradiacough*
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    i asked if y0u have been talking with any0ne named vriska recently
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    have y0u been talking t0 s0me0ne named vriska recently?
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    Hey... Thanks!

    Sorry that I won't be on much though.
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