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  1. Congratulations! One of your quotes made it's way into my sig! You get a free smiley
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    For some reason I really enjoy watching Smash Bros. direct/reveals/things at E3 reaction videos, and yours generally turn up a lot when I search for that type of thing.
    'S no biggie.

    I don't know if he's officially the best or anything, but he made a super extensive Wright tutorial (including a meterless/assistless touch of death in turnabout that starts with a jumping finger), so he's the most well known Wright player.
    And you ain't gotta tell me, I run PW/Haggar/Doom, it only sucks because the game won't register a perfect if Maya's shield gets hit.
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    Lythero, he's like the best Phoenix Wright player. And he had a really good Skyward Sword LP.
    He's also Irish, but whenever I watch your reaction videos it always sounds like Lythero without the accent.
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    Has anybody ever told you,
    that you sound exactly like an American Lythero?
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    Hey man, I notice that you double post occasionally. If you want to reply to multiple people, use that multiquote thing. The mods don't like double posting. Just some friendly advice. :D
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    Love the sig. :D
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    (I love I'm the only one who posts visitor notes)
    "I've gotten through 11 hours of the movie, and so far, there are NO birds in it!" *Cue the crappy birds*
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    *Starts playing Hercules on the Commodore 64*
    *Dies in 10 seconds*
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    *Bomb Explodes*
    Nightshade broke free!
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    What video is the signature from, again?
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There is a world, as tangible as our own.
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A world enveloped by a seemingly unending
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