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    Somewhat expecting your return after 2 years. If you do find your way back here, then you may have noticed that the forum has lost nearly all activity and became a wasteland. Traces of former members exist elsewhere, with #bitf still being on the chat elsewhere, most roleplayers having gone to a terra firma zetaboards forum, and another small spinoff community I made two years ago here.
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    oh wait the forums might be dead by then
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    When you get back from your two year mission

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    Hiya! How have things been?
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    I'm pretty sure you know that the comic is ending, and probably the Forums will die out.
    Because of that, looks like we won't be able to do the GYM Leader challenge anymore...
    It was fun when we started it though,
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    I dunno how shortly after the game's release it was, but people brute-forced out a lot of codes (nonsense letter strings) that do various things. Though Yacht has officially released a few of those codes (like the butt mode). A lot of them sound like they were used for debug mode stuff and testing, so the others I assume were mostly for kicks and giggles.

    You can see them all here, pretty neat stuff.
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    There's a code you can enter on Shovel Knight's File Select screen ( if you name your file X&BUTT ) that starts a new game like normal but replaces a lot of the important terms, like Shovel, Knight, Magic, etc. with "Butt"... and hence :O
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    No, you were supposed to skip the 0.8 Booster since you get the 2.0 Booster later. For some reason they don't tell you the character's name unless you do the best ending. Though the best ending is really, really hard to get, and since this is your first time playing, I assume, I'd just stick with beating the normal ending first.
  9. Imagine minecraft with steampunky themes and better music. Also imagine it from 3rd person viewing and with harder survival. you got don't starve.
  10. Nope. I only used twitch for a couple of don't starve videos.
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    Asking Eltro or another mod should do the trick, you might want to update the first post saying that no new challenges will be accepted
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    In the meantime, should we lock the previous thread to prevent anymore challenges the rest of the GYM leaders and I probably won't take anymore?
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    I guess you wouldn't mind if I tried to resurrect it while you're gone in Vegas?
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    I was just reading up on OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire and I found another way we can revive the GYM Leader tourney in a much better way, Secret Bases return in ORAS now called as Super Secret Bases, which allow them to host mock GYMS with you as the GYM Leader. Using this, we can have the leaders make their own GYMS and accept challenges from other people via QR Codes. I think we should consider it in the future, since PokeBank should no longer be a problem.
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    Did the GYM leader thing die out? If so, then it was short lived...
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