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    I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Regiwolfe!
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    Happy birthday, Reggieregiwolfe!
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    So I saw you've been watching Free!
    I wasn't expecting it to be so cute and funny when I first heard about it, but wow, the ending was pretty great.
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    nagisa and rei are perfect together oops
    also pretty open to kou/seijuurou because wow dorks

    as for shipping in general, if characters don't have interesting canon chemistry or would potentially have interesting chemistry outside of canon, then yeah i'm not sold
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    oh I would never call myself a nonshipper :P
    I mean I'm convinced that Nitori has a big gay crush on Rin at the very least
    and I'm kinda prone to actively shipping Nagisa and Rei too whoops
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    yeah it was a great breath of fresh air
    nice simple plot, hella loveable characters, and a really solid ending!

    the important question is, makoharu or rinharu?
    the joke is that i don't ship either, at least partially because i can't see haru having much of a sexuality
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    (whispers) swimming anime
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    And YUSS.
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    Just saw it for the first time the other day and loved it.

    Sure, it's melodramatic, but in a good way.
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    and with those changes, i do believe i shall accept your character!
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    you still haven't spoilerboxed the quote on the attack on titan thread
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    I appreciate the application, but I realized I forgot to list a Personality header on the application, so would you mind going back and adding that for your character? Sorry about the mix up!

    also just a heads up, duel wielding as a secondary weapon...could you make it one? Plus, Blades swords in this timeline would be VERY hard to come by (and they're also quite strong and as a rule, secondary weapons are generally weaker), as they were almost nonexistent in Skyrim, and your character also doesn't have any clear ties to the Blades. But since they were making a comeback thanks to the events of Skyrim, if you want to add that in, feel free. Just right now, it doesn't make sense why your character's secondary weapons are relics of a very small group of people who aren't hunting dragons.
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    ...huh, didn't know that. that's pretty interesting.

    how'd the postman know which side of the block he's meant to go to?
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    It's a U2 song

    It was back when spouting song lyrics were cool
    which was never
    but still
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    Apologies for spoilers on the attack on titan thread, however you may want to spoilerbox your quote for the sake of others, i've just done mine and i'm feeling a tad embarrased.
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