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    hold it

    sorry mate, but you can't just take a 3 charge hit of electricity into yourself, be paralyzed for a second or two, and then be fit as a fiddle. Getting hit by a charge that significant would do drastic damage to your body, even more so than if you got hit by a 3 charged fireball. There would be some bad burning, extensive damage to your nervous system (probably long term paralysis in a limb if it was hit and weakening of your body overall if hit in the torso), and intense pain. Additionally, it is assumed that if you remove the sword from someone's hand, they're not going to think you're dead and turn their back on you.

    Yooooou two (you and kmj) should probably work this out before posting further
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    Greenmaster, the guy took down the doors a few posts ago!
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    You may want to look at the last few posts, buddy...
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    hey, just dropping by to say i made your rp visible in the arena
    have fun!
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    Since your character sheet isn't up on the OP yet, would you mind telling me what your Glitz fighter's moveset is?
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    Also, protip; join the Glitz Pit group. Besides it being where we discuss alot of community-esque Glitz stuff, it is a useful archive for some of the more strange rules of the pit.
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    I wrote this up just for you, partner. A tribute to your Glitz Character.

    The Legend of Guy, or whatever his name is.
    This man can enter sliding doors as if he were walking into a saloon. Men want to be him. Women want to be with him. And he hasn't even done a single dadblamed thing in the Glitz Pit, yet. Just you wait until he starts fighting. Then, it will be pure anarchy.

    If you were expecting me to be serious, then I must say to you "HAHAHA!". You amuse me, tiny man.
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    Glitz advice? Sure I got some.

    Probably the one thing that I see trip people up the most severely is that of combo-breaking and assumption. First of all, the only thing confirmed in an opponent's post is what their character does; what their actions actually do isn't in black and white by how they say or see it.

    For example, let's say Fulgor (I'll use him because you said you read my fight with San) uses magnetic momentum to come flying at his foe, and then fires a bolt of lightning, paralyzing his foe, before stabbing him through the chest and killing him.

    While that may sound decisive, it is a rather easy move to turn to your advantage. If you, say, used your own element to block the lightning, you could take advantage of the fact your opponent (Fulgor) doesn't have any way to change his course in mid-air and, say, fire an arrow into his shoulder as he passes, you rolling out of the way of the attack. Never assume your opponent's actions will succeed, and never assume your counter to their action will always succeed either.

    AND, always keep in mind every repercussion of your action. Think of it like playing a game of chess; never make a move until you're entirely sure it is the best move you can make, and then, make sure you prepare for any consequences your action will perform. Always keep in mind, "What if my opponent dodges?" "What if he expected me to do that?" "Could I escape his attack if I had to?" If you do that, you'll make alot less dumb mistakes, and dumb mistakes tend to be the thing that end new fighter's matches the most.

    There's plenty more you'll learn from fighting and doing, of course, so go out there, kick some dudes butt, and someday come join me and the others in the Major Leagues.
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    yeah, I got some general glitzing advice. Don't die. You'll live longer that way.

    Your character looks kind of interesting already and I'm sure I'd be intrigued by a spar once/if Meta updates the fighter list, but as you might have noticed, I'm currently locked into a spar with Fulgor (Aeront) and won't be able to accept until after that is done. If anyone else wishes to take you on in the meantime, feel free to accept their challenge.

    I've learned that the best way to understand your character and the Pit's mechanics is by simply doing. If you are uncertain of how something works, feel free to ask someone (not me though, unless it has to do with my signature move. I myself am still learning how all of this mess works.).

    I'm just kind of assuming that you actually got in. Take my words for what they may be worth.
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