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    Ah, I see. The same sentiments exist here, but I think the multi-party system keeps some of that part of the electorate on the left. The Socialist Party has more conservative views on immigration than the Labour Party, though its views on asylum seekers are more liberal.

    Of course, the more extreme sentiments feed into the PVV, which also exists by grace of our multi-party system. Thankfully it can't really expect to grow much beyond its maximum unless turnout drops a lot, but other parties do take some of their (imo uncritical, unsound and bad) views over. It has some white working class support, but I'd typify it sooner as (largely rural) lower middle class (my own background, actually), with middle-class elements.

    East-Europeans typically perform manual labour in agriculture here, a sector in which adult Dutch people (i.e. with a Dutch nationality) are unlikely to work (despite some conservatives wanting to force the unemployed to work in agriculture for their benefits, without actual wages). But there have been issues in other sectors as well, and trade unions are wary of false competition (and the government is slow to react).

    Do you suppose most Lib Dem supporters will vote Labour? And how about other smaller parties?
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    All right, I guess you mean majority as a governable majority then?

    What's driving working class voters to UKIP? Euroscepticism and a dislike of Schengen?
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    I was wondering about your opinion of this.

    My angle is that I am pretty sceptical of predictors like the ones mentioned in the Tories' favour, though I suppose they would be more valid in a less proportional system. But, as a disadvantage for Labour, I also can't see people voting for UKIP in the droves they did for the European election due to strategic voting.
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    Welcome back.

    Also, I'm sorry to be the ignorant churlish farmer, but are there any particular reason why you wrote "trans*" several times? Is it an abbreviation for both transgender and transsexual?
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    Also happy birthday
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    and I've heard other people on this forum call you out on it.

    Also, I mean all the damn time.

    Anyway, I'm done arguing, we're not going anywhere. See ya around.

    I didn't know if they British spelling thing was a joke or not as I'd just moaned about sWagner putting a [sic], it was pretty silly to point out a perceived spelling mistake when I've just lambasted pedantry though, no?
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    and explain how i'm intimidating thanks
    You twist people's words into arguments that make no sense, get off track ridiculously easily, are condescending to everyone, I've never seen the slightest bit of humor in your posts, I'm pretty convinced that you use no caps and next to no punctuation for no good reason, you haven't VM'd anyone for a month before I started arguing with you (and the last one was Supernintenfreak telling you you were being too harsh to me), you haven't changed your avatar or (fitting) user title since I've joined, and you're generally rude and snarky to people in general. I can practically conjure a mental image of you sitting in front of a monitor smirking superiorly. You are an intimidating person to argue with.

    Sorry 'bout the British spelling thing, I'm not sure what that extends to until someone slaps me across the face with it. I generally don't point out spelling errors by the way, we're arguing about an example you pulled up and are hiding behind presently. I never called you stupid because of your lack of capitaliz/sation, but you implied that I did. I was pointing it out because it bothers me every time I read one of your posts.

    It's also a disservice and silly to create more webpage space than a massive .jpg image. And I didn't actually gloss over your argument, I just kinda noted on the side that you were posting over and over and over.

    I started using lowercase because I was mimicking you. I usually try to type like this.
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    Really not something that should matter on an internet forum descended from a comic based upon a children's video game.
    You just broke everything.


    it isn't technically a children's video game, there are few comics that are actually about SSBB, etc etc.

    having a dig at someone's spelling, capitalization etc. is often used by people who don't have a sound argument
    having a dig at someone's personality, existence, beliefs, etc. is often used by people who are you. why is there a difference between poking at someone's grammar and being a great big jerk, since you're going to argue this?

    you complaining about three posts in a row is an example of stylistic rigidity, which i was having a dig at.
    it's an example of I thought it was a forum rule to not make several consecutive posts. whether I was correct or not is another matter.

    i don't mean to be intimidating and don't think of myself as such btw
    the icing on the cake, there you have it, huzzah, that's the ticket, lol noob, objection, other overused phrases
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    so your stylistic rigidity is sticking to using lowercase letters generally in the most condescending way possible? like the way im doing now?

    I swear, even your typing style is infuriating.
    Like you don't even care enough to even touch the shift key.
    Which doesn't make any sense at all, but hey whatever

    its actually kinda cool that you can intimidate people like that but whatever. I'm just the teenager whose mind is still ripe for shaping. don't listen to any of my opinions.
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    googled stylistic rigidity six times

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    use short words

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    this is a vm conversation don't judge me
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    yes it is. why, you may ask?

    ... no wait

    I meant something more along the lines of hypocrisy but whatever floats your boat
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    i'm sorry for your stylistic rigidity
    paradox nooooooooooooo

    *world is consumed in all lowercase inferno*
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    I think you're being a bit too harsh on Quote.

    Quote is still young. This is probably one of the first times he's had to actually think critically. Making him think things through could get him to actually change. He's at the point in his life where his opinions are the most malleable.
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