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    happy birthday you weeb
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    Happy birthday, Chiff.
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    do you have any recommendations for yuri VNs? it seems they're even harder to find than good otomes, and that's pretty difficult already hahaha

    yeah! especially since VNs which aren't pure shonen are a lot more popular these days
    i'm just really glad there's a market for these things
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    yuri isn't really my area of expertise but
    i feel like we're just getting a ton of new otome games in general? like, more are being made or translated or localised or whatever and this is VERY EXCITING for me
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    hi Chiff
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    yeah, true. i think that'll be when the RP gets super interesting: if we're able to make the party falling apart feel good
    or maybe it'll be like, one group vs one group and it'll be all climactic
    but i like survival of the fittest definitely
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    &&&&in nice - and chaos could be some sort of 'rule the demons' kind of route?
    and the PCs would all have to take sides and fight it out for who got to be the 'winners', this would be interesting as hell

    i bet it has two female characters too, &&&&in eva ripoff
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    Okay, so it's divine retribution, that could work. We'd have to figure out what for. though - maybe for summoning the demons?

    Alternatively, maybe Generic City is the place where the demonic dimension's broken through, and the PCs are just caught in the middle of the war between heaven n' hell, but that doesn't feel malicious enough for megatens
    I do like the idea of making it a sort of Monster of the Day sort of deal like Eva did, though.

    Okay, so how about this: maybe some sort of seer (a supercomputer, old wise man, whatever) foresees these not-eva-angels-but-real-angels comin' on down onto the Base Earth and &&&&ing stuff up, and starts passing out summoning devices to try and protect itself

    so, i guess, maybe the actual act of future sight is what the heavens are trying to punish, because it goes against the Order set in place by heaven's mandates
    and the seer maybe represents chaos, i.e., the mutability of the future?
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    thanks: i've only played devsur1, so i wasn't sure what things were constant.

    okay so i guess we can just make it Generic Japanese City (shibokyo), and then suddenly demons are unleashed. I suppose that it might work better if we replace any sort of human quarantine with some sort of supernatural isolation: like, giant magical barrier that darkens the sky and stuff. having humans be in charge of the quarantine might clutter the RP, especially if people wanna play as them or examine those characters, etc.

    possibly the protagonists have a prior connection (s]being parts of the same gaming chatroom/being part of some sort of sees-esue group[/s]) that explains why they're all together, but we can just have them meet up in a metaphorical tavern

    what we really need is to figure out what the quarantine/attack is about though, then the rest of the plot (and if/how futuresight will work) will come from that. any ideas to spitball?
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    i could go either way on the bondage no pun intended but leading-role lesbians yessss

    oh man i played the va11halla (spelling bluh) prologue/demo/something way back and it was alright
    full version will be cool though, thanks for reminding me that it's gonna come out soon
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    socially-focused 999 with lesbians? i'm in
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    it's really something!
    the first ep is kinda slow and muddled, but it picks up tremendously for episode 2, and 3 is fantastic (and i'm behind and haven't seen 4 yet oops)
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