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    Hey, mate,
    You signed up for the smash tourney, right? I think i'm your competitor. So, I guess next time you come on, we could settle the date. Thanks much.
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    Hey. You might remember me back when I had that Roll subduing Mega Man avatar. I was wondering, do you have any other images in the context of our avatars? Where I could find some? That would be awesome.
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    Spoiler: ohheylookanotherpokemonghostcharacteronhold 
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    I've just come back to this site for the first time in a good few months, and I was wondering, if I wanted to rejoin Ghost, would that still be possible?
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    Hmm actually about the pokemon ghost thing, should I just start you and Curus off like now in my next post or not? Is there anywhere specific you guys want to start in or something or anything specific I need to describe or plot etc.

    Whoops sorry I'm late
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    Sorry about that.
    And sorry for being so late. Just had some stuff going on.

    Got it. And of course Drayden. Because... Drayden.
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    Spoiler: Old Man Geezer 

    Though overnight I had another great idea for a character, so I kind of want to know which one you'd like better.
    Basically this new character would be the usual Shonen character who wants to be the very best, except... He's tried so long and hard and failed so much that he's developed serious self-confidence problems and bipolarity.
    I don't want to rush in with a second new character AGAIN, so I kind of want to know which one you'd prefer.
  8. So, I heard I have some player-characters for Pokémon Ghost I'll probably never use.

    Spoiler: Grid Solstice 

    Spoiler: Dent Burne 

    Spoiler: Cherry Citrus 

    Spoiler: Lemon Citrus 
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    Great! And two more questions, can I assume that Cinnabar Island has rebuilt itself after the eruption for back-story purposes, and would you prefer the character in the thread or in a VM/PM?
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    Is the wait list for Pokemon Ghost open to everyone?
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    Yeah, I've been playing 3.5/Pathfinder fortnightlyish for a little over a year now, and I really enjoy it.
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    Just thought I'd say I made a couple of changes to my character sheet.
    And I meant to ask, since I'm in the Unova group, which Opelucid City will you be using? The Black version or White?
    Same question with White Forest/Black City.
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    Dunno whether or not you want us to contact you by PM or VM regarding the RP, but just wanting to let you know I've switched out the starting Pokémon from Elekid to Porygon, since I can explain it better, what with the Silph Co. backstory. So Elekid's in the wishlist now, basically.

    As for where our group can start off... I honestly don't mind, chances are my character will either take the train (if it's in Johto) or fly via helicopter if it's elsewhere. It would be handy to have one of the evil teams within the region though, so he can have an actual mission.

    EDIT: Ah, you were in the middle of things. Hmm.
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    I parry with...

    ...damn, same problem here. Mainly writing, but also reading, gaming (natch) and tabletop roleplaying (I hang around the Arena and Trollmegle, but I'm a relatively new internet RPer). Also all things Homestuck, the poetry of Poe and Eliot (with a bit of Coleridge and others thrown in for good measure), and Christoper Nolan films.

    I raise you a question about your tabletop RPing experiences and habits.
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    I counter your thank-you with a no-problem, and follow up with a question about your interests.
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