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    Congratulations on avoiding teen pregnancy.
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    Happy birthday!
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    You're welcome, and no problem.


    Okay, that sounded weird.
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    Happy birthday!
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    Oh cool. This looks kinda like what I'm working with - LMMS.
    Since I'm cheap I chose LMMS because it's free to work with and compatible with Windows/Linux. Unfortunately, as you can hear with that recent link, my skills have yet to reach something worth listening to.

    At the moment I'd like to aim for something simple for a level theme. Ideally I'd like themed boss tracks to go along with the levels (similar to say, Banjo Kazooie/Tooie) but that's a bit much for an amateur.
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    This is the only music track I have made that I have not completely rejected during development. I have merit to that statement.

    I think doing the same thing in Blender would be sort of debatable, but I can see your point. How does Cubase work?

    Correct. Carter's next line started at the exact time Filmore's actual text started. The two lines, in order, were supposed to be:
    I'm your brother, you doofus.

    That's not very nice!

    Read the garbled text once more. The only text that's omitted is "FILMORE:" but the rest of it is going at the same itme.
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    Considering you're much more musically versed than I am, I thought you might have an easier time figuring it out, especially considering the layout is very similar to that of Famitracker's.

    For the second unexpected error, that's actually Filmore, Carter's brother, talking to him. Can you figure out what exactly went wrong?

    Regarding your edit, your last activity will always have you "online" for 15 minutes if you're still logged in. Performing another action will refresh that timer, so by the time I'm posting this it'll reset the timer and say I'm in the conversation with you and myself.
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    Actually, in regards to "finished work tends to differ from the expected result", I have a few examples in regards to that solely from Carter's Misadventures:
    • The wolf animations were supposed to depict something similar to a savage feral werewolf, but come off as more brutish humanoid.
    • Carter actually was able to walljump off of enemies for amusing results.
    • The dam was intended to have several rooms and other places to see off in the background, but not be able to explore.
    • Did you know the crocodiles were originally to be more vicious than the wolves when underwater?

    Most of the other intended cases however have worked exactly how I wanted them to, barring, er, unexpected errors.
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    The main levels are basically going to be revamped and aside from Heated Hollow, will get new music to go along with them. I'm actually not satisfied with the music in the Carter demo if you can believe that since the guy that did the music seems to specialize in hiphop/R&B music, so I want to take it upon myself (eventually) to fix things up. I'm wanting something in terms of atmospheric like Donkey Kong Country (particularly 2) but upbeat and cheerful like Kirby or Banjo-Kazooie.

    That said, I haven't done too much with the music aside from a (failed) boss theme, so we'll see how that turns out. Ideally I'd like a unique theme for a level and have a boss version of that theme for the boss, but that might be aiming a little high here.
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    By doing things like "playing around with the Mario Bros theme", are you suggesting something like taking it and rearranging the notes to see how it sounds in comparison to what you're used to?

    The split path will still be there - don't get me wrong - but as I mentioned in the topic a few times, the ducks and the frogs are the sole reason for the split. There will be no other splits to worry about, but the redesigns are meant to introduce a few branching paths into the fray to give some explorers some freedom to shine as well.
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    Well, clearly you've had prior music experience, but something else I forgot to ask - what did you start off playing around with music-wise and what would you recommend to someone wanting to start off?
    And what is this musical process you speak of?

    There's really only one set of branched levels - the A route and the B route. Nothing else, and they all stop by the final level. I'm already changing the levels around so revisiting won't be as dreadful, seeing how Carter's maneuverability can lead to split pathways becoming more prevalent.
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    Would you say you had experience in music theory before attending classes? Where are your old experimental works, or are you not going to put those up? I'd like to see and hear some firsthand accounts of some musical progress, myself.

    The one thing keeping me from implementing the stage select feature is that it punishes completionists. The reason why I'm stubborn about keeping a continue/autosave feature in the game is because of the CARTER letters - stage select will screw that over, especially with the incremental benefits the letters give.
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    What do you use to make your music and how long have you been composing music for? Are you self-taught?
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    I saw the ZREO news. Very dissapointing. Their Twilight Symphony project is simply outstanding.

    Perhaps you're right. I suppose I tend to be pessimistic simply because it seems like such a tremendous undertaking, but if they have the determination to stick it out (and I think they do) then they may very well succeed. I suppose it all depends on Nintendo, in the end-o. I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself
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