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    I appreciate the epitaph you gave about the forum. You summed up a lot of the feelings I've experienced, but couldn't phrase as beautifully.
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    Happy B-Day!
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    Happy birthday Mkan!
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    Happy birthday!!
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    Happy birthday, Makn!
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    i've gotta respect the fact that rin is basically me
    (although she was my favourite even before i realised that)
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    controversial opinion there, man
    (i respect your choices)
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    so much waifuism in one figure
    rin tohsaka best girl forever
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    uh hmmm i really have no idea
    tomorrow or the day after, probably?
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    oh, but i guess i'm a day ahead because timezones, so blah
    and yeah i just have different stuff on during those days, but i'll still be at home for most of it - the 13th here (so the 12th where you are?) is likely the best bet

    should be fun!
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    i'm sure it's a pretty good game regardless
    besides, tales games scratch a very particular epic-fantasy-quest-with-bros itch for me which is hard to get anywhere else

    that was actually so excellent, and i also liked what i saw of the character designs
    and hey, i'm down for dynamic combat - battles in tales are weird because i find they walk such a fine line between actual nuance and pure buttonmash

    i would definitely be interested! i havent been around much lately at all and this sounds like a fun way to rectify that
    i'd just have to work out timing - i have stuff on from the 12th until the 15th or 16th, but im sure i can work around that depending on what time you do it
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    now i feel silly for kinda going on about it oops
    i remember you being a big symphonia fan so i'll definitely try and get to that, although i wanna try take xillia a little slowly because i'm kinda burnt out on jrpgs right now

    also, can i ask what makes graces f wonderful if its story is so terrible?
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    managed to get a hold of a PS3 over break, so i've been playing tales of xillia
    (jusy got rowen, if you wanted to know how far in i am)
    it was definitely exactly the kind of game i needed, but man, character development can't come soon enough
    milla is really boring, the only thing interesting about jude is that he's a med student protagonist, alvin is alright but nothing's been done with him yet, elize is okay but i mostly like her for teepo, and rowen is a cool old guy but seems to fill the same combat niche as milla
    i'm not expecting it to turn out as good as abyss, but still, more than ready for this game to take me somewhere
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    as i've said before, i legitimately think ubw is the best route by miles

    i've been meaning to replay f/sn, because it's almost summer, but it seems like a weird time because the anime is on
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    (im so behind on ubw because my college internet sucks, gonna go home in a couple weeks and binge binge binge)
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