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    As am I! hahaha good to see you man, how have you been?
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    Let me take a moment to say I'm legitimately surprised someone remembered! I am planning to resume it spring break or when my schedule eases up. Things have been crazy as of late and I am moving away from it, sadly. If there is an interest in it, I'll do it. The update for this one was going to be massive and I started writing in several places so I forget what I was going to do but not the general idea. I look at it now that I am worried it is going towards a fanfiction "everyone meets everyone to do anything" I want to make it realistic (in the Halo verse sense) and not everything goes quite right.

    It's not dead, but for now OoR is very close.
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    haha, brother I am busy! And this is a major update, one that will truly start the path of the series.
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    Its a little overdue but I guess Ill throw it in sooner or later.

    It's been a bit of reality check for me with it.
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    To be honest, I haven started the next update yet. I have busy with other, projects, but don't worry, X is still around.

    The doctor will see him soon.
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    Merry Christmas! I got you a present...


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    I have a holiday picture drawn for it... I'll post it on Christmas.

    But what else do you have in mind, spartan?
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    Sorry, you just made it sound so top secret
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    I'm sorry for sounding rude. Not trying to be.
    And I'm ARC's best friend in RL, so I know aaaaaaaaaall about your character...
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    Then what does
    also, if I had a character amongst you guys in the story at the moment, i'd go for the beacon

    By the way, I'm not trying to be high-and-mighty, just attempting to clarify. If I sound rude or anything, just tell me and I'll attempt to adjust what I say to avoid that.
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    Hey, you know, ARC's thread is a CYOA, not an RP. Everybody who comments is picking the actions for the same character, it's not like an RP where everybody has their own character.
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    Yeah... I know a good bit about Forge... He died about 20 years before the events on Reach though
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    its a longer one, worthy of the two weeks of tension... well, in my mind. Look for it soon, can't make any promises. :/
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    To be honest, I have no idea.
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