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    Jesus Christ, I must have glossed over your name like 100 times or so in the years I've been on these forums, I had no idea that you were the same guy who did the Shantae: Risky's Revenge Let's Play I've been rewatching so much as of recently.
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    Hey, Gold.
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    Hey, Gold! Been a while, hasn't it?
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    Hello my friend. As you can see I'm back from huge period of time since the last time I've been on here. Just wanted to stop and say hi, to see how everything is doing. Hopefully all is well. Anyway, just checking on what stuff I've missed in the past months. Hope to hear from you soon!

    ~TNT|Risen from the Dead
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    I don't know if the walljump was intentionally designed that way (going back to the Etecoons), but I am aware that the developers are aware of bomb jumping.

    I'd check myself, but I'm a little mad about this recent development in Carter since I'm probably going to have to spend a day reworking Carter's animations and code.
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    Infinite bomb jumping had always been possible in every Metroid game, it just requires a lot of patience and timing.

    Diagonal spine sparking works to sequence break a lot before you get access to the space jump, though I also can't think of any places right off the top of my head where it'd be necessary. Keep in mind that spinesparking is faster than space jumping as well, so in terms of speedrunning...

    I can't think of what area you're talking about off the top of my head since it's been a while though I might remember if I had any visual landmarks to look at either. By the point you're "supposed" to get the Wave Beam, I know you were supposed to have already ran into the room with the Etecoons - the small koala creatures that "teach" you how to wall jump.
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    The sequence break you're speaking of is the exact same one I took to beat the game my first time.

    I actually think part of it was designed deliberately, while other things were not as deliberate (one such case I can think of is the Torizo fight being skippable). Look at what they changed in future games:
    • Morph ball mechanics in midair. When Samus changes into Morph Ball form when jumping, a lot of her momentum is still carried along. This is necessary to reach certain gaps when speedrunning.
    • Morph ball mechanics in general. Mockball for one, where you can go into the Morph Ball form and have the game treat Samus as running.
    • Samus' walljump. This was nerfed in Fusion and brought back in a certain way in Zero Mission, but clearly isn't as gamebreaking as it was in here with previous mechanics in mind.
    • Speedbooster mechanics in general. Stuff like activating a spinespark with a small stretch of land was drastically nerfed for rather obvious reasons.
    • Somehow changing your aiming direction while moving makes Samus move faster. This was changed as I recall.
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    I might've already posted this but ah, what the crap - Super Metroid "Reverse Boss Order" TAS
    By "Reverse Boss Order" this means Ridley, Draygon, Phantoon, and Kraid in that order. Minibosses are fought accordingly (so technically the true first boss is Crocomire).

    I know you're not TOO well versed on Super Metroid, but I recommend giving it a go to see what truly is possible in the game.
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    A lot of the Metroid titles so far have had quite a bit of relevance to what's going on in the game, to be fair. Fusion's the next one that pops up, then there's Prime - the trilogy ending when
    Dark Samus is terminated
    , but oops[

    You posted this very article on the Now Playing topic I believe, and I recall you hinted toward our earlier discussions about storytelling in gameplay without breaking the immersion. This is actually entirely why I wanted to get other beavers rendered and replace the opening tutorial texts in the demo. I wanted to have the Wolf Lord run off with the Beaver Brothers captured in some sort of cages and Carter gives chase at the end of the intro level.

    The pictures you're referring to are right above. This is without any further scaling on any of the models, because Carter's model is actually smaller than it actually is supposed to be, and Gnawesome's model is actually a little too big as intended. Carter's unscaled size is roughly the same size as Sonic while aboard the Egg Carrier, since he was roughly the right size in the area where you fight Chaos 6.
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    Yeah, never try to make yourself something you aren't in creating media; it shows. (Not like I'd know much..)

    I am trying to get into some older games and in other genres. Earthbound, Banjo Kazooie, some of the good Sonics and Marios, etc.
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    With your great writing abilities, amount of games you have/will play in those Let's Play and presence in the community, I thought you could organize a game review thread on the various games you play and kind of keep it as a side-project; its games and footage would stem from your walkthroughs and it would give a lot of the members here a chance to discuss these games/learn what makes games good and/or bad.

    Just a thought.Best of luck, man!
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    See you got yourself a Let's Play series going! Good luck with that and I have an idea for you, just popped into my head.
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    I would think so by this point. I swear I saw one on Gamefaqs before.

    The baby metroid at the end should be recognizable since it made the same noise it did at the beginning when it recognized Samus. I suppose that gives the title "Super Metroid" some merit, too. What a coincidink?

    What do you think about the Egg Carrier in Carterland, missur gold
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    Ery pulled out her katana

    Why not? Lets begin!

    Ery dashed towards Aurum and used Cross Slash with her katana!
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    Ery stood up and looked at Aurum
    Alright, the only rule that exists for it is no death moves or killing, since we're only going to battle until one of us gets knocked out or surrenders.

    Do you got that?
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