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    you get a dog

    *gives annoying dog*
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    Aaaaa trust me Show by Rock is so good, I thought it looked meh too but I'm glad my friends made me watch it because it's one of the best anime I've seen! It's really hilarious and gets surprisingly dark and emotional especially towards the end ;-; Plus there's a canon lesbian character which is a nice thing for representation! And there's a fox character, Yaiba, who's a little... odd but very lovable~ And a wolf too, Shuzo, he's absolutely amazing.

    Good luck with that!! I hope you get the place

    I've been meaing to watch SAO too but I've heard a lot of bad things about it... So atm I'm kind of on the fence about it aa and I have got a few other anime to watch but I might come back to it at some point! But I quickly googled Wolf's Rain and it looks good! I really want to watch it now~
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    Hello!! Aah it's okay, it's nice to catch up anyway!
    I've been pretty good~ I've done all my exams now and my Twitter friends convinced me to watch an anime called 'Show by Rock!!' which is about furry idols and it's really good! What about you?
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    *realizes you're talking about C+, not java*

    It seems we are talking about completely different languages...
    Sorry about variable rant and stuff
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    *sees coding*

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    Thanks~! I followed you because I'm a lot more active there, but most of my tweets are just Inazuma Eleven nonsense haha. I just thought it might help us stay in contact a bit better
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    aaah i'm glad you liked it <3
    And it's ok, you've been busy and I don't really mind, I just like drawing things for people!

    (Also, I was wondering do you have a twitter by any chance?)
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    Oh. I've only played Skylanders but I watched a playthrough of Legend of Spyro.
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    Cynder from The Legend of Spyro. This is what happens when you let Asphoxia know that The Legend of Spyro exists over winter break and she becomes obsessed with it.
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    Do you know who it is, though? (It reminds you of Spyro for a reason, but its not him)
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    Late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!
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    AAAAAAAAAa sorry for not replying properly but for now, MERRY CHRISTMAS and here’s a Gumshoe I drew for you, I hope you like it~

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    Merry Christmas Banjo! ^^
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    It's a nonhuman character depicted as a human. This is usually done in art.
    In all honesty I may have gotten the spelling wrong.
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