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    It's not April any more, though.
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    Happy birthday!
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    Happy birthday!!
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    Nope, but I'll check it out.
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    ah. well, i'll look into it
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    what's a terra firma
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    Well isn't this an odd message to get? (By that, I mean, this message.. The one I'm typing. Right now. Because I haven't been on this forum... Do you get it?)
    It's been... I wanna say, 2 years, since I last was on these forums. And almost 5 years from actually joining these forums. I started off as such an immature kid.. *shutters* Actually, for some reason I feel like I should apologize for being immature on these forums. Not, immature, in the sense that I was being rude, but for actually being, like 12. So, yeah. Why am I writing this message to you? Well honestly, I'm not really sure. Quite frankly, I'm almost positive this message will mean nothing to you. Not like we've been friends a whole bunch. But I guess I'm writing to just thank SOMEONE for the "memories" I had on these forums. Even though, I didn't understand stuff on forums, I sure did have fun, writing, playing forum games, and interacting with people on here. Again, this probably means nothing to you, but I just had to write this somewhere, I don't know. Brawl in the Family came across my mind a month ago, then the forums, and I just had to go on and check it out again. Sadly, I found out that BitF has ended, and I guess I was a bit too late to say goodbye and express my gratitude towards Matt. I'm not sure if I'll ever return to BitForums, I've just kinda drifted off from it and made my way in to "real life" things, like a lot of people on here have already have. Maybe, in the summer, I'll return for a bit, I don't know. Sorry for the randomness of this message. It's been really swell to be on these forums, and I don't want to make this sound like a last goodbye or anything, but I guess I'd like to thank you in a way. For the memories and the good laughs I've had on here. I'm not exactly expecting a response from this, but it's be pretty sweet to hear from you after some time. Anyways, just wanted to leave you that. Have a great day!
    P.S. I finally dropped the whole, purple-text thing...
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    hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's BACK
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    So, what happened to my groin punch?
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    So at the end of your action I haven't actually thrown that water-ball thing yet?
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    Whoops, sorry! I'll be getting to that soon-ish.
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    That's not quite what I was thinking, Mr. "Vortex of Ultimatum".
    Although sword-based medicine is pretty cool too...
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    So does Swordguy have a super move where he turns into swords?
    implying he isn't already swords
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    sure, go for it
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    Ah, you've got me there. Guess I'll start writing the blunt trauma injury.

    ((You're having that thing where there's lots of lag and duplicates when you post a VM too?))
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About Meta-Mind

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Date of Birth
June 2
About Meta-Mind
There once was a lad who aspired to glory,
A ninja-ish sword-wielding dude,
He was fond of his games, even fonder of stories,
Though his combative methods were crude.
Then along came a Dark Knight who trained him in battle,
Creating a warrior impossible to rattle,
The thunderous hero about whom I'll prattle,
This ninja-ish, sword-wielding dude.

He came across allies to help him grow stronger,
(Including a dashing inventor.)
His list of abilities grew ever longer,
With nary a conscious dissenter.
As the Lololo raiders pressed on and survived,
Metas bold, daring antics their spirits revived,
His foes of their weapons and breath were deprived,
By this ninja-ish, sword-wielding dude.

Now this guy they call Metas another year older,
(Hes over the hill, yes I know.)
Weve gathered to give him a pat on the shoulder,
And all our best wishes bestow.
Though he's fond of his planning and secret [REDACTIONS]
And his prose-writing habits drive some to distraction
There's no better ally to have in your faction
Than this ninja-ish, sword-wielding dude.

-Aquinas, 6/2/2013
Writing, drawing, music, martial arts. Among other things.



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