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    How does giant underwater dome sound to you?

    or a series of smaller but still underwater domes?
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    My Rage!Fortress will be located at x: 971 z: 559. Pack a lunch; it's a long walk. I've brought seeds, saplings, a decent supply of sticks, and a pile of cobble. Going to build at bedrock. I'm settting up a tree farm at the moment. I have to get some water before I can get the wheat farm going, though. I've finished the first floor of an underground mob grinder and run the drops into the deepest part of the base. It has produced a few bones, so it's working.
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    Some &&&&& killed me and stole all our stuff.

    Relocating far, far, far, far, FAR away from anything else. I've salvaged a pile of pork chops, some sticks, a bit of cobble, and some other junk. Lost the iron and diamond stuff, but you should have some of it since you disconnected with it on you. We'll need to go at least a thousand units out to avoid raiding.
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    Go to x:-160 z:65 and dig down into the dirt. You should find a door.
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    Uh, let's see...
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    For Scout and Solly, I don't have anything that isn't an achivement item, Liberty Launcher, Reserve Shooter, Disciplinary Action, Crit-a-Cola, Winger, or Fan O'War. Either way, Amputator's fine; I dunno if I'll ever use it, since I find the secondary effects of pretty much every other Medic melee more useful right now, but I might as well collect all of Medic's swag. Plus it looks pretty cool, that's got to count for something. I'm basically just looking for anything I don't already have anyway. :3
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    Oh hey, were you still looking for an Ubersaw? I came by a second one a couple days ago and just remembered you wanted one. I'm currently on the lookout most for a Crusader's Crossbow or Tribalman's Shiv, but I also wouldn't mind an Amputator for kicks, Spy knives, wrenches, Pyro melees, Tomislav or Gloves of Running Urgently, and I don't have very many Scout or Soldier weapons. Basically I don't have very many weapons period, I shouldn't be terribly hard to trade with. :B
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    oh well

    I need time to plan out a multilevel autoharvesting farm anyways.
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    ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffff
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    IT'S ON

    That iron door can't stop the Signgineer.
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    It actually didn't crash for me, so I took the only logical move.


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    I bet you are.

    ...okay, I'll update the server tomorrow. I'll have more time to do this kind of stuff when school's out.
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    Mods are refusing to work for me right now.
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    Hold yer butts.
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    That's weird. It seems to be up.
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