Heyo everybody, there's some things I've been noticing in some RP posts lately. Well there are some less-experienced writers and RPers here so I'd like to say a few things, and hopefully I'm being helpful in some way. I'm not trying to call anybody out and nobody's a perfect writer or anything at all like that, I just thought I'd try to give a little advice, mhmm?

1. Can we please not use colored text for posting here and dialogue and such, and this extends to some of the more extravagant or excessive coding as well. Honestly it just doesn't look very professional and it can just get annoying or obnoxious at times.

2. Please read the rules and guideline topics I know I spout this everywhere and I'm sorry but please go do so if you haven't :<

3. Quotation marks. Well um we happen to put dialogue in quotation marks and it would be nice if you did if you didn't know that sooner. "So yeah," I said. "And be sure you understand how the punctuation and all works as well."

4. Grammar and spelling during serious RP posting is pretty cool and all so well just saying that!

Thanks for reading this, and I'm sorry if I'm sounding offending or anything like that. everything I say is offendingggg