This goofy idea reminds me a lot of the humor of the very first strips–I can almost picture it in that wiggly all-blue line style. Say now…

blue 584

Feeling nostalgic yet?

(Wow, it’s a lot harder to draw without looking at the screen than I remember. I’m out of practice when not relying on the Cintiq!)

Turns out the store orders have been picking up since the comic’s end was announced! Remember guys–the store will stay open but I’m not ordering more of what’s there already! The Dededolls have already gone, so if you want a shirt or deck of cards, you better act fast. We do have lots of books still, fortunately, but the other items won’t be around for too much longer.

Everything’s still on sale, and the Boss Shirts are on double-sale on account of them being around for less time so I have more of ’em!

-By Matthew