I hope enough of you watched the Mario Kart 8 Direct to understand this! It was originally even more obscure–the sign was a last-minute addition. Either way, I liked drawing Gadd in this mad scientist role. Because mad scientists, th-they’re pretty fun to watch, Morty.

“But Matthew!” you may be exclaiming, perhaps while tapping the monitor. “Triple Deluxe just came out! You got any Kirby comics in your Kirby comic?” Ultimately, I wanted to do an anti-Spiny Shell strip before everyone else started doin’ some. Plus, I haven’t been able to try out Triple Deluxe yet so I’m not sure what to make a strip about. But I’m looking forward to it, either way!

I thought the last panel of this was kinda cool on its own, so here it is by itself.

Oh, and the forums are working again. Sorry about the issues last week! I picked a bad time to be out of town.

-By Matthew