Okay, so, I’m banking on a good number of you being at least somewhat familiar with the animated show “Archer” for this. For the rest of you, this is probably the most Dada-esque BitF comic ever made. Kirby eats a bow and arrow enemy and becomes some sort of HDF?

I don’t do pop culture super often, but I couldn’t resist this one. On top of being directly related to Kirby Triple Deluxe’s new abilities (a game I still need to pick up once I can find it in stores), Kirling here just looks so weird, and the thought of his personality suddenly shifting to Archer’s deadpan cockiness in the bubbly world of Dream Land is such a bizarre comic idea. I also liked returning to the quick-and-easy looseness of the early strips too.

I also had a “Phrasing!” gag in mind, but I could never get it clean enough to actually be appropriate. Oh, and on that note, you younger readers stay away from this show! I do not endorse it to the kiddos–TV-MA means stay away!

-By Matthew