Today’s comic went through a bit of a change. One idea was simply having the Man-Fish pop up in all sorts of crazy, watery areas, regardless of how absurd (you can see a rough sketch of the original strip here, pardon the poor art). But then, with some help from Chris, I merged that concept with an older, too-offensive-for-BitF strip idea I had to come up with this final not-very-offensive strip that I think turned out well. It’s a weird concept–apparently adding stuff to a liquid will summon the fish–that I hope comes through clearly enough here.

The shading is the result of me aiming for a cel-shaded look, but it ended up looking a bit niftier than anticipated, and I might end up using it more for some future comics.

Guys! The Haiti fund response has been terrific! Thanks to everyone for their generosity. We still actually have several days to go until it ends on February 5th, so we’ve decided to aim for a new SUPER CHALLENGE GOAL: 1,000 dollars! If you still want to donate, there’s still time and an imposing new goal to reach! Thanks again to all.

I’ve always really liked that fish.

-By Matthew