Hi again to all the readers out there! We’re back up and rolling with the two-a-week schedule, and I for one am welcoming the return to a blue-and-white palette after 2009’s big Christmas story. But if you’re new to the site and haven’t seen the Mario take on A Christmas Carol yet, click here to start at the beginning!

There’s a fair bit of news for today–stick around and read!

I knew I wanted today’s to be simple–a handful of panels, few (if any) words and Kirby inevitably stuffing something into his mouth (intentionally or otherwise) is how this strip got started, and while I love doing larger comics, I can’t forget my roots! An alternate joke I had with this idea was Kirby running up to Dedede, starting to “inhale” (with Dedede cowering in fear), and then the final panel had him doing a small yawn instead…but I prefer this version since it ends with a strange visual.

Next up, neighboring gamer webcomic, 2P Start!, has given me the honor of being in their podcast! If you’re unfamiliar with the comic in question, check it out–the humor is clever, clean, and Nintendo-centric, so BitF fans will feel right at home. Click here to hear me talk comics, games, and the industry with 2P Start writer and artist Tim and Ray. And if that’s not enough BitF nonsense, I’ll be putting up a guest strip for 2P Start on Wednesday!

Donate to Haiti

Last but certainly not least, please direct your attention to the Donate button up there. For the next 18 days (ending Friday, Feb 5), Chris and I are running a charity program for the victims of Haiti, and 100% of all donations will go to them. We’ll do our part as well, of course, and if you’d like to give back, you can too! Just click the link at the top for details, or click here.

-By Matthew