Designing levels made easy! At E3, it was quite simple to torment poor Mario with stacked-up waves of Goombas, Piranha Plants, and new horrors like Para-Hammer Bros. I hesitated a bit on this one since I was initially concerned it might be too similar to this ol’ chestnut, but the Looney Tunes homage was too tempting to turn from.

And hey, I got a BONUS ALTERNATE ENDING for ya, too!

alt endingSo how was this game? Pretty great, actually. The interface is very simple to use and the results are often quite hilarious. I’d love to see a multitude of options in the final game (and I made that clear to the Nintendo reps)–how cool would it be to use this to create your own multi-world Mario “game” that you can share online? The tools are there for greatness, I just hope they go all-out with it.

And the Mario Paint aesthetic is a wonderful touch.

Like earlier this week, this strip comes with a game! Can you find the only two Goombas who are identical?

Tune in Tuesday for a comic about one of my absolute favorite games of E3.

-By Matthew