It’s big! It’s blue! It’s back!

Welcome back to Brawl in the Family, fellow Nintendo fans. That was one heck of an E3, I’d say. I’m happy to admit that, while I was dreading Nintendo doing something stupid, they completely delivered in my eyes. Lots of new Wii U games that actually use the GamePad, an incredibly fun new IP in Splatoon, and–of course–The Smash.

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With that comes a set of newcomers, naturally. Hi, Pac-Man! I think most people are happy to see this classic character and his giant mouth show up amongst the Nintendo crew, although his spotty track record and questionable moveset potential have given others doubt. I think he deserves to be in, though, and Sakurai seems to be doing a great job giving him a unique and appropriate set of moves as well. So unlike the ghosts in this comic, I say “Welcome back to Brawl in the Family, Pac-Man!” (he, along with Palutena and Mii Fighters, is the latest of SSB4 newcomers who’ve already appeared in BitF at some point. I only never had Greninja, dang it. Although he kinnnnd of appeared in that one strip with the Froakie)

That’s enough chatter for now. The comic is back to its regular schedule again, so check back on Friday. I’ll have more to say about E3 in detail in the future. And not to toot my own horn, but I’m really darn proud of that URL visual on the bottom of the strip today. It might be my life’s greatest work.

Are you hardcore enough to recognize all those Nintendo ghosts? And if so, do you know which classic Nintendo game the comic’s final line appears in? No Googling!

By the way, my wife and I went to the Smash Bros. tourney and are eBaying one of the two voter card things we got. If you’re looking to get one and/or want me to sign it, check it out. I can make it out to whoever and draw something on it if you so desire.

-By Matthew