The PlayStation 4 came out today! Have a Thwomp comic.

Today’s strip went through a couple changes. The first version had Mario try to hit a large ? block and get squished, with the reveal that it was a painted Thwomp. Then I thought it might work better if the plan was obviously cheesy and unconvincing, and it ended with Mario’s suspicious expression. I thought that was good but lacked a little punch, so it’s now a kind of genius (if overly convoluted) double-prank of Bowser Jr’s that ends up working. I think Mario’s getting a little sick of Thwomps by this point. Readers of BitF, too.

Muchas gracias to you glorious backers of Tadpole Treble! We’ve hit over 60% of our goal, which fares very well for the game being made. We could always use more pledges from new fans though! And if you’ve already backed it, be sure to check out the recent update for a full song straight from the game.