Perhaps the best thing I can say about Wii Fit U is that exercise doesn’t feel like work in many of it games. If you think about it too much, you’re pretty much just running/jumping/stretching in place, but when you get a visceral reaction onscreen (and it’s all scored and whatnot), it somehow feels a lot more compelling. It’s good fun so far, even though I wish there was less downtime between exercises. I’ll be writing a review of it for NF Magazine later this month! And please ignore the slight perspective cheat in the last panel.

We’re over halfway to the goal for Tadpole Treble! Thank you guys so much for your support! There’s still a good amount of time left to hit the rest of it, but it’ll be trickier reaching more people from this point out, so any way you can spread the word to people that might be interested in TT would be most appreciated. Especially if we want to hit the stretch goal for the Wii U version (pretty please)…

In the meantime, check out the Kickstarter for it right here, or view our first official trailer below:

-By Matthew