I love these guys! The Ice Climbers have long been one/two of my favorite characters in Smash Bros, and I fully expect to see them once again in the next ones…provided the 3DS version doesn’t have an issue with them. This is also the first comic where we zoom out a bit and can get a better sense of the space within this voting area–the design of the room was heavily inspired by my elementary school’s cafeteria.

By this point, you might be wondering what my plans are for this little sub-series. Well, the truth is, I’m doing a small handful now, and hope to mix in a few more of them later down the line as individual comics, perhaps as more veterans get revealed. The pre-release hype is always an exciting time to be a Smash Bros fan, so these strips have been fun to do and wouldn’t be possible in the past (when there wasn’t a SSB game right on the horizon).

Sorry about the persistent site issues! We’re still working on those…

-By Matthew