Thank you for your patience! The break seemed to fly by, but we’re back in business after 500 strips to throw some more video game comics at your face. Even without doing the updates, I’ve been weirdly busy visiting relatives, working on TT and orders, and I just finished up another surgery. But enough of that, it’s time for comics!

What better way to wrap up the summer than with some Pikmin 3 shenanigans? I’ve been greatly enjoying Miyamoto’s latest project, and I can definitely see myself wanting to better my effectiveness with the little fellows. I do miss a couple elements of Pikmin 2–namely, the Piklopedia and the slightly creepier/atmospheric feel–but I’ve come around to not miss the caves. They give the game a nice survival feel, but they do come across as a bit of a slog on replays, so I’m okay with them being a Pikmin 2 thing.

Like many BitF comics, today’s joke is pretty simple, but I’m very happy with the execution. Originally I wanted to do a long, horizontal strip to convey this idea, but my complete lack of programming prowess once again makes me rework stuff…! It was fun drawing the Pikmin here and there and trying to capture their personalities.

In addition to Friday’s update being a comic as usual, prepare your ear-holes for a brand new podcast! Yep, it’s coming back, and more frequently than before.

Terribly sorry about the lack of update during the break–I think this guy’s long overdue:

While Mega Man has been a part of the comic in the past–as early as BitF’s first year, in fact–his introduction into Smash Bros and comic 500 have officially welcomed him with open arms! The Little Robot That Could rises from a tumultuous past to fight for everlasting peace once again, and he’s ready to party like it’s 199X. And truly, it’s a bit cathartic to finally see the Blue Bomber as an “adopted” member of Nintendo’s family, as he’s always been my favorite non-Nintendo video game character. Welcome, Mega Man!

-By Matthew