It’s been quite a journey, but here we are…500 COMICS! I’m celebrating with a tribute to my favorite non-Nintendo game character, Mega Man, and the rough journey he’s had lately.

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This strip was really giving me trouble–for the longest time, I couldn’t really decide what to do with it, and it ended up being 3 or 4 completely different ideas that I weren’t entirely into. Once Mega Man was revealed for Smash Bros, though, I had to welcome the Blue Bomber to the comic with aplomb, and so the newest addition to the family gets a milestone comic to tell his story. I hope you guys enjoy it! And like with last year’s milestone, see if you can recognize all the faces and games here!

It’s been a packed several weeks for sure, and I STILL am behind on a lot of work. I have a doctor’s visit this weekend to schedule my surgery, and I’m going out of town to visit the in-laws very soon as well. And then there’s the last few Kickstarter things and Nintendo Force and Tadpole Treble and I’ll finally be returning to the podcast…so yeah, I gotta recharge!

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I was originally planning on taking a six week hiatus upon completion of this comic. However, since it took longer than expected to arrive, I’m making that a four week break instead. I’m happy to finally have completed the big five-O-O but I feel like I have a ton of catching up to do in various venues right now. So I’ll be back in August, drawin’ more stuff for you.

Keep an eye on this blog post though. I’m gonna add Mega Man’s character profile this week, and I might even post my Animal Crossing Dream Town code at some point!

In the meantime, though, thanks to everyone for reading this crazy webcomic for so long! It’s crazy to think that The History of Nintendo was 100 comics ago, and that I’m now at half of a thousand strips. But I hope you’ll continue to tune in for more of my weird-looking doodles and musical adventures for years to come. Have a great summer!

-By Matthew