So a new Mario Golf game has been announced (as well as a great-looking new entry in the Mario & Luigi sub-series)! I don’t think we’ll be seeing Link hit the links anytime soon (the closest we’d get to that is the Triforce in Mario Golf GB, I guess–amazing game, by the way), but I could see him being pretty mischievous regardless. Please forgive my lack of Lefty Link for this comic; I wanted their poses to be similarly comparable for the readability of the strip.

I’m usually a pretty easygoing guy, especially with video games. But Ubisoft’s recent announcement of delaying Rayman Legends seven months so it can release simultaneously on the PS3 and Xbox 360 got me pretty worked up. It’s rare that I feel this strongly about an industry decision, but this one bothered me enough to make a hefty article about it. It’s been making the rounds a bit in some Nintendo communities, so check it out: Top Ten Reasons Why Delaying Rayman Legends Was a Terrible Decision! It has ten original doodles by me as well! Warning–some of the comments below the article have some rough language.

That said, the rumblings of the new Challenge Mode sound kind of neat. I was hoping Ubisoft would just go ahead and bump up the game’s release after this massive backlash, though.

-By Matthew