Sometimes I have to wonder what goes through a Ditto’s head. In my eyes, it’s a little tragic, actually–the poor thing is pretty much a breeder’s tool, with its shapeshifting ability used as a means to an end. So it’d be nice if a Ditto actually found a real mate beyond the initial appeal of its ability…even if it technically can’t mate with it. Am I overthinking Nintendo games again?

I found it convenient that the “The Captive Princess” style used in this strip lets me get away with Ditto-facing the two leads the whole time.

On a side note, I put a lot of extra effort into the coloring for this strip, to where it was basically going to be the “color” comic for 465. But then I realized it’d probably be more fitting to release it closer to Valentine’s Day, so I used it for today’s update instead.

-By Matthew