I don’t know about you guys, but I think Tails is pretty awesome. You can pretty much see the confidence leave his eyes in the last panel…

For some reason I just love that little Motobug.

And so ladies and gentlemen, we come to a hiatus. This one will have to be three weeks, for the purposes of finishing putting together a massive amount of content for the BitF book, as well as working with Howard Phillips with a new, six-part comic series!

And hey–that’s the good news! This isn’t really a break from comics because there will regularly (I think every Monday and Friday for the next couple weeks) be full-color comic strips both written and drawn by me posted on Howard Phillips’ Kickstarter! In fact, the very first one is there right now, so you get a twofer today. Check it out to learn a bit about the guy’s early childhood, including some rather surprising facts about a guy he used to carpool with. Subsequent comics will involve Howard’s working directly at Nintendo, so fans of Nintendo’s arcade/NES/Game Boy games are going to want to especially check it out! Howard and I will each be signing high-quality prints of these comics for some of the higher-end prizes too.

Incidentally, his Kickstarter idea (which is basically what these comics are for) is a very cool one, and–unlike the weak “edutainment” games of the NES days–a real attempt to mix learning with fun gameplay. I’d love to see it happen, so check it out and see if you’d be interested! Even if not, there’ll be new comics there for the next couple weeks, and I’ll be returning soon enough.


That’s right, the game my brother and I have been working on is up for previewing. Click here to check it out! And let us know what you think in the thread for it.

-By Matthew