I improvised this comic on the fly in my sketchbook last week, and while the focus is less on the end gag and more on the general atmosphere and expressions, I ended up liking it the more I looked at it. I also thought having a more gentle-themed Kirby strip would help balance out all the violence from last week.

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Thank you to everyone who helped support the book’s Kickstarter! It was a rousing success, and I’m excited to pour my all into making the book a high-quality item, as well as doing my absolute best with all the rewards (by my count, I have to draw or compose 57 unique items just for the rewards themselves)! It’s going to be a busy latter half of 2012 for sure, but I’m certainly ready to make an excellent compilation of strips. I’ll be sprinkling details about the book from time to time in these blog posts (and on the Kickstarter page) as it makes progress, so stay tuned.

-By Matthew