It’s not a party, it’s an intimate get-together!

And we’re back to the one-offs. Not too much to add to this one except that I’d like to thank Sarah for suggesting I split this up into three panels–it started off as a single-panel strip with both factions and the Goomba remarking that the party was lame. I think the setup-punchline flows a little better in this case. I don’t know how Gary Larson does it!

Finally, I’d like to direct your attention one last time to the BitF Book Kickstarter, now in its final hours! To clarify all that’s been achieved this month, not only will the book be a reality, but it’ll include the first 200 comics, be printed on high-quality paper, have a ton of extra sections including an 8-10 page full-color poem/story about Kirby’s appetite, have art on the inside covers of the book, and also be available in limited-edition hardcover! In addition, if we can reach the final goal (which is quite close), I’ll put in another few sleepless nights to deliver a two-page spread of all the Brawl characters in a dramatic full-color face-off!

The book’s set release date is February 2013, and the hardcover version will be a limited item so don’t miss it if you want it. The Kickstarter will be ending Wednesday evening, so thank you very much to all the great support from you fans–not just for the past month, but through the last four years of doing BitF. I’m thrilled to finally be able to bring a comprehensive collection of comics to your coffee tables and bathroom counters!

Also–last call for all international orders: please add $15 to your pledge for international shipping! If you don’t, we’ll have to either resolve the cost of shipping afterward through Paypal/Amazon, or you’ll get a full refund of your pledge.

-By Matthew