This pseudo-sequel to comic 369 is one of those strips that’s directed solely at the older NES gamers–the type that wondered for hours what the original Zelda’s obscure hints actually meant. Honestly, I probably would’ve payed the extra fee for a little clarification.

We have a new item in the Store…!

Yes ma’am, Brawl in the Family Playing Cards!

I’m quite happy with the way these turned out. What you’re looking at is a full set of 54 (Jokers included) high-quality, plastic-coated, textured playing cards that work great for games of Hearts, Poker, Solitaire, and whatever else you want! There’s like a million games available in this little box of BitF madness!

And what madness it is–with each card number representing a different character, and each face card presenting original art (i.e., King of Clubs has Dedede menacingly weilding a club, for instance), there’s plenty of all-new BitF art to check out in the process. This is also the first BitF merch to include Waluigi, so hide your children.

They’re currently on “new item sale” so you save a buck if you buy now.

-By Matthew