Late last night, I was all ready to put up the update for today (a Return to Dream Land strip), and…well, it just wasn’t working for me. Not enough people would get it, and for the ones that did, the core joke wasn’t really that great.

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So now, at 1 AM, I had a problem; either put up a comic I wasn’t happy with, or skip the update entirely, or hope that I could somehow work under pressure and get a new comic up in time. I opted for the third choice, and the above comic is a result of me being tired and stressed, just like Mario! So yeah, double meaning and all that. It’s pretty silly-looking, but sometimes I feel like I want to go back to simple, early-BitF linework every now and then, complete with odd proportions and expressions.

So that’s the story with today’s comic and poor Mario having to go from SM3DL to MK7 without a break. I had fun drawing it, and I made the moon a cat because I wanted to.

(also, it’s true–SM3DL is a surprisingly long game if you want to do everything)

-By Matthew