Guys, I’m engaged! I’m getting married in June! I initially considered making a comic of it, but I ended up going with a beach proposal at sunset rather than “EXPECTING A RING? TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME.” I hope that was the right choice.

I ended up proposing on November 20th, the day Zelda came out. I’ve been enjoying Skyward Sword a lot–currently at 20 hours and in an area past the third main “dungeon”. There are some unfortunate quirks that have remained from past Zeldas (such as a chatty companion, excessive hand-holding and that thing where it pauses the action when you get certain item drops), but the additions to the series more than make up for it. The areas in the game, while not exactly vast, are quite dense and rich with things to do. Between that and the new gameplay mechanics (such as Link’s new agility, the streamlined item system, and the crafting elements), SS arguably feels tighter than any 3D Zelda before it. More impressions to come.

Oh, and the combat? Totally fun and exciting, even if…


Today’s bird strip started as a conversation between a friend and I while I played SS. “Why can’t you just get feathers from your bird?” he inquired. Just like that, a comic was born–thanks, Ryan!

-By Matthew