The “Kirby eats something” style of gag is not something I want to necessarily phase out or anything, but I do think it’s important that the punchline be somewhat unpredictable to remain interesting. I liked the idea of Kirby eating a helicopter to get a beanie, but presented in the “HELICOPTER!” – (Inhale) – (Beanie) format makes it too predictable. Flipping the perspective allowed me to do some fun, dangerous action to contrast against the innocence of the final panel.

Comics like this make Kirby look like something of a real jerk, but I like to think that he’s completely oblivious to most consequences of his actions. That’s why he can get away with so much–ignorance is bliss! I usually don’t really consider him the “hero” in BitF…although given how sketchy every character has been at some point or the other (outside of maybe the girls), I dunno if anyone in the comic can really wear that label.

I also enjoy hearing from fans who love their Dededoll, but it’s not often that I see online cartoon characters posing with them! A buddy of mine who runs the internet cartoon Fred the Monkey had the titular Fred pose with his new pal. Glad you guys like him!

-By Matthew