I never really got why Moblins hidden around Hyrule would thank Link with a fistful of rupees for barging into their hidden caves. Are they rebels against Ganondorf and are paying to keep him quiet? If so, way to blow their location for the rest of the game, Link. The situation outlined above makes a lot more sense to me, although if the case is the same with every Moblin in Zelda 1, then they really all share a common interesting (unbeknownst to all of them but Link).

Either way, it’s not very nice for the Hero of Hyrule to resort to extortion.

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-By Matthew


We met a lot of cool people at No Brand Con, and among the coolest were the guys from Red Letter Media.  They shot a bunch of footage of the convention, and we were lucky enough to get a cameo appearance in the latest episode of Red Letter Media’s “Half in the Bag” movie review series!  The second half of the episode covers their misadventures at No Brand Con.  We got to hang out with them a bit and ended up in their footage as a result.  Check it out!

– Chris