Sometimes what may work in, say, a television show or film can be a lot more difficult to pull off in comic form. The gag at the end of this strip is meant to juxtapose the serious nature of the issue with Eario’s cleanliness, but I can’t help but think it’d be timed a little better in animation. Oh well, such is the challenge of comic-writing!

So Dedede makes a new pal (who I believe hasn’t spoken in BitF until today) and things are starting to head towards a climax. Sorry for this comic being a day late–I guess that’s an indication that it’s time for another Intermission comic this Friday!

Thanks to my buddy for the name “Mop Rider” and to one of our fan-artists for the nice idea of rubber gloves on Eario!

Oh, and Pokemon Black/White just came out. Now do you see why I got all those Pokemon comics out of my system last month?

-By Matthew